Monday, September 22, 2014

Anniversary Shenanigans

I am terrible with surprises for two reasons... First, I'm an awful liar because I always end up laughing when I think I'm getting away with a fib. And the second reason being that I always get too excited about the surprise that I end up telling the person ahead of time. It's so frustrating! But this weekend was our 5th wedding anniversary and I wanted to make it really special so I was determined to keep the surprise.

Dustin is always so good to me and Boston so I really wanted to make him feel loved. About a month ago I booked us a couples massage, a hotel room for our first night baby free, and made reservations at his favorite steak place. I had also made arrangements for Boston to stay with his grandma for his very first sleepover. Everything was perfect.

He knew we would be celebrating Saturday but he didn't know what we were doing. All he knew was  that he would receive a text around noon with an address where he should meet me. So Saturday morning I had Dustin's sister invite him to our nieces' soccer games so that he would be out of the house and I could pack his clothes, my clothes, and all the things Boston would need for the night. My mom came and picked me up, I dropped Boston's things off at his other grandma's house and off we went to decorate the hotel room.  I bought 19 huge red roses for the day we were married, a cake that was the same flavor and from the same bakery as our wedding cake, and some champagne. I had also packed a few keepsakes from our wedding day to have in the room. Everything worked out just how I had planned (which never happens btw) and my mom dropped me off at the spa. After our massage I gave him directions to the hotel, we valeted the car, and went up to the room. He was impressed. We ate some cake and ordered french fries from room service (apparently we have diets of a 5 year old) and got ready for dinner. We had a car take us to dinner and when we arrived they directed us to a private room in the back of the restaurant where we ate crab cakes, steak, truffle mac and cheese, and pecan pie. YUM! When we got back to the hotel, the staff had left us some champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a card. So sweet! It was such a perfect night.
Dress can be found here.
For the next day I had packed our swim suites and extra clothes in case we wanted to hang out before going to pick up Boston but by 6:30am Dustin was already packing up the room and ready to go see our little guy. I guess we are so used to getting up early that even when we are able to sleep in we can't. And I guess daddy is pretty attached to his buddy. 

 It was such a great anniversary and I can't wait for many more.

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