Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boston's 6 Month Update

Where has the time gone? Each day I feel like he gains a little more independence and needs less and less from me which makes me a little sad. I know he is still very dependent but now he would rather soothe himself with his thumb instead of nursing, he can almost feed himself and would rather fall asleep in his crib than in my arms. I never thought I would say it but I am starting to miss the days when all he wanted to do was cuddle and nurse which always made the perfect excuse for staying in bed all day long. It's both a blessing and a curse I guess. 

Weight: 18.5lbs (65%) 

Length: 27 inches (65%) 

Teeth: My big boy has 2 bottom teeth! We tried to keep him comfortable with Tylenol, his Sophie and ice cubes in a mesh feeder. He was such a trooper. 

Words: I feel like he isn't babbling as much as he had been at 5 months but I am assuming it's because he is focusing his energy on learning other skills. He mainly coos and screams (sometimes I feel like he's lost his internal volume control knob). 

Favorite Things: He is still loving his exersaucer and activity gym but his absolute favorite toy is a train my aunt and uncle bought him that lights up and sings. He also loves any of the Oball brand toys. We had a friend buy us the ball as a shower gift because her daughter loved it and it's been a huge hit at our house too. We also have the car and the shaker and he loves all of them because they're so easy for him to grasp. And he's a huge fan of being held above your head like he is flying. This almost always guarantees a huge smile and big drop of drool in your face (or your mouth if you're not careful). 

Dislikes: He still isn't a huge fan of being on his tummy during playtime. He loves sleeping on it but if he is playing on his back and flips over he will start crying to have you flip him back over. 

- He can sit for a few minutes at a time before losing balance. 
- He is eating rice cereal in a couple of his bottles a day. I was pretty hesitant to start offering this because I have heard a lot of moms say that it lacks nutrients but Boston started to not be fully satisfied with his 7oz bottle of breast-milk every 3 hours and I needed something to help fill him up since that should be more than enough milk for him. It seemed to do the trick and I was relieved when at our 6 month checkup our doctor actually recommended rice cereal for the iron. 
- We've also started experimenting with some purees this month. I really want to do Baby Led Weaning but I know they strongly advise against starting before 6 months and again I have been trying to find ways to help satisfy him without having to supplement. I knew he was ready because he can sit pretty good and was very interested in food. He was/is always grabbing at my food and will even make a chewing motion when I eat. His favorites so far are mashed up avocado with breast-milk and sweet potato. He does not like sweet potato with apricot and I am guessing he's not the only one since they were on clearance at Target this week which should've been my clue. 
- His short chuckles are turning into full on giggle fests and I love it! I had been waiting for him to get that full on belly laugh and it's finally starting. We can usually get the best laughs when we tickle his legs or blow raspberries on his neck.
- When you stretch your arms out to him he is starting to reach back. And of course I think it's adorable so sometimes I will set him back down just so he will do it again. 
- He is sleeping 12-13 hours straight each night and usually takes one decent nap a day.
Summer Ann

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday after work we went to my God-Daughter's 2nd birthday. We celebrated with a pajama, pumpkin painting, and pizza party which was a blast and so festive. Boston got to wear his glow in the dark skeleton PJs my best friend bought him for his first Halloween. Boston in anything footed just kills me so I had to steal some kisses and snuggles before we left. He's so darn sweet!
 // Boston's PJs // My Joggers //
The next morning B decided he would give mama a little treat and he slept until almost 9am! He must have had way too much fun at the birthday party but of course I woke up at 6:30am and wasn't able to fall back asleep. So I made a pot of coffee and then got back in bed and did some online shopping while D and I watched Stonehearst Asylum. Such a good scary movie and would be perfect to watch on Halloween once the kiddos are asleep. 

Saturday night we dropped B off with his grandma and we went to the lake with my best friend and her  hubby. It has been 90 degrees in Texas this week which kinda kills the Fall feeling but we made the best of it and took a little sunset cruise with some bubbly and sushi. 
Boston turned 6 months on Sunday and I have been so excited to start Baby Led Weaning with him so we decided give it a try that morning. The whole idea of BLW is to let the baby eat what you eat and at their own pace so we let B have the scrambled eggs and avocado from the breakfast burritos we had. He did so good and he actually got a few pieces of food in his mouth. I am sure about 90% ended up on the floor and in Bennington's belly but that was way better than I expected. And they both had such a great time so I would call it a success.
 (I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a very strong friendship.)

Later in the afternoon we took Boston and Bennington on a walk. Even though it has been so hot this week, the leaves have started to fall which makes me happy. Quality time with the family and crunchy leaves under my feet is my idea of perfect.
After we put the babe to sleep, we curled back up in bed with leftover champagne and Halloween candy and watched some of my favorite trashy tv. I am thankful Dustin doesn't mind sitting through an episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey and that I am old enough to have Twix and champagne for dinner. :)

Summer Ann

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Little Dude Style

Boston must have partied too hard at his first pajama party last night because it's 8am and he is still sleeping. No matter what time we put him to sleep he seems to wake up at 6:30am so this is a real treat for me. But of course I woke up at the usual time and haven't been able to go back to sleep so I decided to do a little online window shopping. 

So I don't know how I missed this but apparently Zara makes baby clothes and they are to die for! Seriously so stinking cute but it's probably a good thing for my bank account that I did not discover this sooner. I have also been more active on Instagram since my Facebook feed seems to be all depressing news stories and ads which has also led me to discover some really adorable boutiques ran by some pretty fabulous mama's. 

How cute is this little outfit?? I think it's going to have to go on Boston's list for Santa. :)
// Shirt // Infinity Scarf // Pants // Jacket // Shoes //

I hope y'all are having a great weekend! We have a lot of fun things planned today so I better go wake up that sweet boy.

Summer Ann

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Frame That Wore Many Hats

Can you believe Halloween is less than 10 days away?? This year is flying by way too fast and I'd love a little slow down but I have a feeling that with the holidays just around the corner life is just going to keep picking up speed.

We've been trying to soak up every minute of the gorgeous weather we are having (I call it "no weather, weather"). But with work, feeding schedules and bedtime schedules I feel like we just can't fit in enough outdoor time. I'm hoping we can take full advantage of our pretty mellow weekend this week and have some family time outside.
 (Can you tell he loves his walks?)

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I'd share one of my last DIY projects. It may be a little last minute to take on a new craft but better late than never... And you can totally reuse the frame for Chrisrmas.

I initially bought this frame from Hobby Lobby to use as a Christmas wreath but as I said in a past post, the frame has worn many hats lately. It's greeted guests for lingerie showers, bridal showers, gender reveals and baby showers. It's had hot glue put on it and pulled off of it. It's been used, abused, painted and reused. And now it's getting put back to work and will greet our trick or treaters this year. Honestly it is probably the best $15 I've spent.
- 16x20 frame
- 4 inch crafting letters
- grey acrylic paint
- white acrylic paint
- silver or grey ribbon
- faux barbwire (purchased at Walmart in the Halloween section)
- hot glue
- wreath hook

Paint your frame and letters with the acrylic paint. To get the ombré look I used the same amount of white paint for all 3 and then used 2 drops of grey for the first letter, 5 drops for the second, and 10 for the third. You can add more white or grey to get the color you prefer. Then grab an Oktoberfest while you let the paint dry.
Cut a small piece of ribbon to create a loop to hang on the wreath hook. Then cut two smaller pieces to connect the letters together. Hot glue together. I used ribbon to make the letters more flimsy and durable when the door opens and shuts.
Then I wrapped the frame in the faux barbwire, knotted the two ends together and then hot glued the knot to the frame so it would stay.

Hang the hook over the door, loop the letters on the hook and then hang the frame.
Simple and cheap! I bought almost everything on sale at Hobby Lobby and spent under $25 including the frame that will be getting revamped for Christmas! Fa-la-la-la-la!

Summer Ann

Monday, October 20, 2014

How To: DIY Poison Bottles

Happy Monday y'all! I can't believe it's almost Halloween!! We are so excited for the 13 Nights of Halloween showing on ABC Family this week :). We watched Casper and The Addams Family this weekend which totally brings me back to being a kid. Such great memories! Anyways, I'm finishing up a busy last two weeks because of a couple of work trips to Florida and New York City so I am a little behind on my Halloween blogging. Those of you that travel for work know that the work day rarely ends at 5pm so I am just now getting around to putting together the rest of the "how-to's" for my DIY decorations.

On one of my weekly runs to TJMaxx (I seriously think I may have a tiny addiction to that place) I saw some adorable poison bottles in their home decor section. They were pretty reasonably priced individually but for the amount I needed it would have been a little expensive so I figured I'd try and make some myself.

I ended up going to Hobby Lobby (another source of addiction for me) and purchasing 3 glass bottles that were 50% off and craft paint. I also ended up re-using some of the leftover glass bottles from Boston's baby shower for additional poison bottles. Basically just find a shape you like and a price that agrees with your budget. I bought black and grey acrylic paint because I wanted some variation in color and then I had D stop at Office Max and pick up some shipping labels/ sticker paper for the labels on the bottles.

I painted the bottles with a paint brush I already had and left it streaky to give it a more weathered look. On some of them I mixed the grey and black together to make different shades.
As they finished drying I printed the labels I purchased and cut them out. You can find the graphics here.
When they were done drying I pealed the backing off the stickers and stuck them to the bottles.
So easy! I think it took me maybe an hour to finish this project and I only spent $15 total on the Hobby Lobby bottles, $4 on paint, $2 on the graphics, and $15 on the sticker paper (but I've got a ton of sheets leftover that I know I will use on future parties or crafts).

Summer Ann

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patchin'

This weekend we went to our local arboretum to see their Fall display (and sneak in some much needed family photos). It is like pulling teeth to get Dustin to take a pic but after some bribes I was finally able to persuade him to get in a few. ;P Here are a few of my favorites…. 

(He loves using that middle finger ;D)

I hope y'all are having a great weekend!

Summer Ann

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Courthouse Chaos

Ok so I have to start this post off with a little background story. My little sister was adopted. My mom had a difficult pregnancy with me and they told her she may not make it through a second pregnancy but since my mom was adopted she always had the feeling like she wanted to return the favor.

One afternoon my mom was over at one of her friend’s houses when the friend received a call from her son saying that a girl he knew was in labor and was going to be giving the baby up for adoption. The friend knew my parents’ situation and turned to my mom and asked if she would be interested in adopting the baby. My mom told her she needed to call my dad first so she did. When my dad answered the phone she told him that she may know a baby who needs a home and would he be ok with pursuing an adoption. He asked her if it was a boy or girl, which they didn’t know yet, but he told her to let the birth mom know that they wanted the baby either way. They ended up contacting the mom, found out she had a baby girl, and off my parents went to meet her.

The next day when my parents dropped me off at school they told me to not get my hopes up (we had gone through the failed adoption in the past) but if they came to get me early it meant I was going to have a baby sister. Of course I didn’t keep that secret very well, I mean I was 9 years old and so excited, that I think I told the whole school what may be happening that day.

I still remember the day so clearly. I was sitting in PE class later that afternoon when over the loud speaker I hear “Summer please gather your things because your parents are here to get you.” OMG! I was going to be a big sister. We drove up to the hospital and I got to meet my sister’s birth mom. She handed me my baby sister (who we named Chelsea) and told me that I was going to be such a great big sister and to not worry because she would never take her away from me.

Chelsea wasn’t even 24 hours old when we got to bring her home but because we didn’t go through the state to adopt her, we had to head straight from the hospital to the attorney’s office to start the adoption process. When we got to the office we realized that Chelsea needed a diaper change so we went to the bathroom to get her cleaned up. It was at that moment that my mom realized we had nothing. No diapers, no wipes, nothing. Everything had happened so quick that no one had time to stop and think about these kinds of details so we made her a makeshift diaper out of the bathroom paper towels, finished up with the attorney, and went straight to Babies R Us to buy all the essentials.

Fast forward 19 years to what I call our “Chelsea Moment”. I had made an appointment at the local courthouse to get Boston his very first passport. I made arrangements with my work to take off early because in order to get a passport for a child both parents have to be present (and every passport office near us closes before I normally leave work). So I left early, picked Boston up from the sitter and we went straight to the courthouse. We get there and Dustin carries Boston inside. I walk through the metal detectors and I'm waiting for Boston and D on the other side when I hear Dustin say, “This is the worst case scenario, Summer. The worst case.” I look back and Boston had pooped out the side of his diaper and all over the sleeve of D’s dress shirt. The security guard looks at Dustin and says “Oh man. That smells…. Do y’all have a diaper bag?” Crap (literally). I had totally forgotten to pack the diaper bag. Such a rookie mistake. We have absolutely nothing to change him into but I had already made the appointment and taken off work so there is no turning back. The security guard points me to the ladies room so I take Boston, trying my hardest to not get the poop all over me, and head in. 

Being the first time mom I am, I just about empty the paper towel holder and make him a nice changing table on the counter. He is smiling and cooing probably feeling so relieved after doing his business. I clean him up, stuff his onesie full of the remaining paper towels, and try my best to wash his hands since he has been touching just about everything on the bathroom counter. I walk out and Dustin looks at me and goes “Did he spit up?” I look down and Boston’s legs are covered in leftover soap from me trying to clean his hands so off I go back to the bathroom to wipe the rest off. I finally get him cleaned up and we go upstairs to our appointment.

We walk into the office and I immediately tell the sweet lady at the front our story because I am sure she thinks we look like ridiculous. She hands us another roll of paper towels and offers us her hand sanitizer. I just about cover Boston’s legs and arms in the stuff (because again I am that first time mom), we take his photo, and start finishing up the paperwork. The lady then asks us to raise our right hand to take an oath and right at that moment I feel warmth… I look down at Boston who is sitting on my lap and sure enough he is peeing. I swear he must have been holding it all day because it is soaking my dress, pooling up in the seat, running down my legs…. Awesome. I grab more of her paper towels, wipe down my legs and the seat, give the oath and head straight to the car (after a quick photo to document the mess of course).

As soon as we get in the car I send a text to my mom, dad and sister telling him about what had happened. My dad replies "Good job Boston :D". My sister replies with something along the lines of "haha thats so funny" and about an hour later my mom replies with probably the most fitting words for the situation… "Welcome to motherhood."
But how sweet is this passport photo? Gosh I love him so much.
Totally another day I will never forget and I know that every time I look at his passport I will remember the chaos and laugh.

Summer Ann

Monday, October 13, 2014

Little Guy Fall Favorites

Today it was actually cold enough to use the heater in our car for the first time this fall! Wohooo! The cool, rainy weather has me looking forward to all the cute things I have been waiting to put Boston in all summer. 

It was around this time last year we were finding out our little bean was a boy and naturally I made Dustin go shopping with me as soon as the last guest left our gender reveal. In all the excitement I went a tad bit overboard but that just means Boston will be really well dressed this winter. But even though he has plenty things to wear, that doesn't stop me from looking for more. 

Here are some of my Fall favorites for the little guy in our house:
Sneakers // Flannel Shirt // Coverall // Hat // Pants

I hope y'all are having a great start of the week! 

Summer Ann

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Lazy Weekend

A cool, rainy Saturday calls for snuggles, chili and college football. There were some good Texas rivalries to watch so we stayed in our pjs all day and relaxed. After a busy week it was much needed and I can't think of anything more Texan or Fall than good football. 

Texas/ OU weekend has always been a big deal in our family since we live in Texas but my family is from Oklahoma. When I was little we had neighbors who were huge UT fans so every year we would toilet paper their house with Crimson and Cream and hang sings on their fence saying things like "Honk if you love OU because we do!" We all thought it was hilarious but if the Longhorns won you could expect a little payback. It was normally in the form of drunken UT fight song singing (screaming) in our front yard at 2am but one year they outdid themselves and put cow manure in our yard, spray painted orange and in the shape of a T. 

It's almost like a holiday weekend over here but since we were out of town last week we wanted something a little more laid back so we made chili and I came up with a new concoction that I call a Sparkling Caramel Apple. Here's what I did… I rimmed a champagne glass with caramel dip then poured Brut champagne 2/3 of the way full. I filled the rest of the glass with apple cider and tossed in an apple slice. Delish! 
It was also just cool enough to put Boston in this furry bear suit I bought him from H&M. It was one of the first things I purchased for him and I remember thinking how I couldn't wait to cuddle with him in it. Dustin on the other hand thought it was ridiculous and begged me to return it but I didn't and it's a good thing because he couldn't stop laughing about how cute B looked.  The color I purchased is sold out but you can find other colors here.
Sunday we did a lot of the same. Relaxing. Eating leftover chili (which I swear is better the second day). And watching football. Eventually everyone got a little cabin fever so we took a quick walk before the Cowboy game. And somehow we ended up pulling off a win against last years Super Bowl champs making us 5 and 1. I still can't believe it!
And last but not least, I finally found leggings that don't give you a muffin top… I don't care how thin you are, most leggings are not very flattering around the waist area. These are awesome and they have a fold down band that covers your booty if your shirt isn't quite long enough. You can find them for under $10 here.

Summer Ann

Friday, October 10, 2014


This week my work sent me to Disney World to help with an event going on there. Since I was scheduled to be out of town for 4 of the next 5 weeks, I told D to pick one of the trips and I'd book him a flight so he and Boston could come along.

The flight there was pretty smooth and Boston was in a pretty good mood most of the flight. I did all of the things I had researched in order to improve our odds of not having a fussy baby for 2.5 hours. I've seen a lot of people ask what to do when traveling with a baby but I think the best thing to do is just keep in mind that there is so much that is out of your control and if your little one is not having it there may not be much you can do. It's always a gamble.

After we picked up our bags from baggage claim we found a cab to take us to the Waldorf Astoria. Since I stay at Hilton brand hotels often we were upgraded to a suite with a full dining room, living room and balcony overlooking the pool and golf course. It was gorgeous! Another perk of being a Hilton regular was we were given some free drink passes which really come in handy after your baby looses his marbles but more on that in a sec. The entire hotel property was just as gorgeous as the room. They have an awesome pool that I didn't get to enjoy but the boys did and D said it was really nice. They also have hot tubs, a lazy river, cabanas and servers walking around serving beverages. Totally up my alley.
One of the nights after I finished work, we went to Magic Kingdom and it was a blast! Boston was so entertained by all of the lights and noises and Dustin was pretty amazed too. There is not a single detail that Disney misses. Even the little gift shops were themed and the people working in them are dressed to match. Also because we were there in October we got to see the park all decorated for Halloween. So fun!
On the last night we took a bus to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dinner. I guess we pushed our luck because by the time we got our dinner Boston decided he wasn't having it. We scarfed down our sushi (never try this after you've slathered your roll in wasabi) and we hightailed it back to the hotel with our screaming baby. Not the most enjoyable evening but again, kids are so unpredictable so you've just gotta learn to go with the flow and maybe have some vino on standby.
 (Don't let this cute face fool you because he threw a fit about 30 minutes later.)

The next day our flight was scheduled to leave at 5:50pm so we got to the airport earlier than normal since the whole process is a little more difficult with a baby. When we checked in we found out our flight was delayed so we stopped at On The Border for a snack and some drinks. It started off fine but about 20 minutes into it Boston decided he was over it and pitched a little fit. I tried all the tricks I know to calm him which didn't work so I pick him up and start swaying with him. He immediately finds his fist, puts it in his mouth and calms down. I'm about to celebrate a major meltdown averted when I hear the sweet lady behind me (who is enjoying her champagne without interruptions btw) say to her husband "When they chew on their hands like that it means they're hungry." Obviously. I could have smacked her.

Aside from a couple of baby meltdowns, a know it all, and a delayed flight, we had a really great time. Boston slept the entire flight home and we learned a lot of tips for doing Disney better once we bring our kiddos here for an actual vacay. I can't wait to go back once Boston's older and can really get excited about all of it.

A couple more random pics from the trip:
Happy Friday!
Summer Ann

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Wow what a weekend! It all started off on Friday when Boston's first tooth popped through. So exciting and a perfect excuse for extra cuddles and lovin' all weekend. Not that he is ever lacking kisses but I love any reason to give him more. 

Friday after work my mom and I had planned on getting our nails done. This is one of our favorite things to do together but this time it was even more fun because my mom talked (bribed…) my dad into coming with. He was not a happy camper at first but after we were finished he was already saying he would go back. And I ended up finding my new favorite Fall nail color which you can find here.
Saturday we woke up early and headed to the state fair for some fried food and some time outside. We initially thought it was going to be chilly so we dressed warm. Big mistake because Texas weather never does what you think it will and by the end of the afternoon Boston was stripped down to just a diaper and his shirt. We had a great time though. We ate the mandatory Fletcher's Corny Dog, Salt Water Taffy, we shared a Twisted Texas Taco (literally everything southern and fried all wrapped up in a tortilla), and we washed it all down with Funnel Cake Ale in a powdered sugar rimmed cup. I was in junk food heaven. 
Then that evening we dropped the babe off at Grandma and Grandpa's so we could celebrate a friends birthday with some margaritas on the patio.
And we ended the weekend with a Cowboy's win in overtime! Wohooo!
It was a busy weekend but we don't have any time to slow down because tomorrow we head to Disney World for my first work trip since Boston was born. I have a lot of work travel coming up so I told Dustin to pick one of the shows and bring Boston along and he figured Disney would be the perfect place for them to hangout while I work. 

Summer Ann