Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boston's 6 Month Update

Where has the time gone? Each day I feel like he gains a little more independence and needs less and less from me which makes me a little sad. I know he is still very dependent but now he would rather soothe himself with his thumb instead of nursing, he can almost feed himself and would rather fall asleep in his crib than in my arms. I never thought I would say it but I am starting to miss the days when all he wanted to do was cuddle and nurse which always made the perfect excuse for staying in bed all day long. It's both a blessing and a curse I guess. 

Weight: 18.5lbs (65%) 

Length: 27 inches (65%) 

Teeth: My big boy has 2 bottom teeth! We tried to keep him comfortable with Tylenol, his Sophie and ice cubes in a mesh feeder. He was such a trooper. 

Words: I feel like he isn't babbling as much as he had been at 5 months but I am assuming it's because he is focusing his energy on learning other skills. He mainly coos and screams (sometimes I feel like he's lost his internal volume control knob). 

Favorite Things: He is still loving his exersaucer and activity gym but his absolute favorite toy is a train my aunt and uncle bought him that lights up and sings. He also loves any of the Oball brand toys. We had a friend buy us the ball as a shower gift because her daughter loved it and it's been a huge hit at our house too. We also have the car and the shaker and he loves all of them because they're so easy for him to grasp. And he's a huge fan of being held above your head like he is flying. This almost always guarantees a huge smile and big drop of drool in your face (or your mouth if you're not careful). 

Dislikes: He still isn't a huge fan of being on his tummy during playtime. He loves sleeping on it but if he is playing on his back and flips over he will start crying to have you flip him back over. 

- He can sit for a few minutes at a time before losing balance. 
- He is eating rice cereal in a couple of his bottles a day. I was pretty hesitant to start offering this because I have heard a lot of moms say that it lacks nutrients but Boston started to not be fully satisfied with his 7oz bottle of breast-milk every 3 hours and I needed something to help fill him up since that should be more than enough milk for him. It seemed to do the trick and I was relieved when at our 6 month checkup our doctor actually recommended rice cereal for the iron. 
- We've also started experimenting with some purees this month. I really want to do Baby Led Weaning but I know they strongly advise against starting before 6 months and again I have been trying to find ways to help satisfy him without having to supplement. I knew he was ready because he can sit pretty good and was very interested in food. He was/is always grabbing at my food and will even make a chewing motion when I eat. His favorites so far are mashed up avocado with breast-milk and sweet potato. He does not like sweet potato with apricot and I am guessing he's not the only one since they were on clearance at Target this week which should've been my clue. 
- His short chuckles are turning into full on giggle fests and I love it! I had been waiting for him to get that full on belly laugh and it's finally starting. We can usually get the best laughs when we tickle his legs or blow raspberries on his neck.
- When you stretch your arms out to him he is starting to reach back. And of course I think it's adorable so sometimes I will set him back down just so he will do it again. 
- He is sleeping 12-13 hours straight each night and usually takes one decent nap a day.
Summer Ann


  1. Love this!!! They grow soooo fast and he is just so cute. I'm getting to the point where MJ is going back to nursing every two hours so rice cereal may be a good idea for us too. He eats solids three times a day, but it's not enough to satisfy.

    1. I wish Boston would nurse so that my supply might pick up but he gets so frustrated once the milk stops flowing. He has even bit me a few times so I'm terrified once I know it's getting close to the end of my supply. Ha! We might need to do more solids too. He only has one solid a day so that may help. We've got some hungry boys :)

  2. Hi! Ended up here after commenting on someone else's blog and seeing that we all have babes around the same age! (looks like ours are 3 days apart actually!) Boston is adorable! So fun to see what other babies are doing, likes/dislikes, etc within the same age range!

    1. Thank you so much!! I love looking at what other babies are doing that are Boston's age too! Congrats on your little one!