Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Courthouse Chaos

Ok so I have to start this post off with a little background story. My little sister was adopted. My mom had a difficult pregnancy with me and they told her she may not make it through a second pregnancy but since my mom was adopted she always had the feeling like she wanted to return the favor.

One afternoon my mom was over at one of her friend’s houses when the friend received a call from her son saying that a girl he knew was in labor and was going to be giving the baby up for adoption. The friend knew my parents’ situation and turned to my mom and asked if she would be interested in adopting the baby. My mom told her she needed to call my dad first so she did. When my dad answered the phone she told him that she may know a baby who needs a home and would he be ok with pursuing an adoption. He asked her if it was a boy or girl, which they didn’t know yet, but he told her to let the birth mom know that they wanted the baby either way. They ended up contacting the mom, found out she had a baby girl, and off my parents went to meet her.

The next day when my parents dropped me off at school they told me to not get my hopes up (we had gone through the failed adoption in the past) but if they came to get me early it meant I was going to have a baby sister. Of course I didn’t keep that secret very well, I mean I was 9 years old and so excited, that I think I told the whole school what may be happening that day.

I still remember the day so clearly. I was sitting in PE class later that afternoon when over the loud speaker I hear “Summer please gather your things because your parents are here to get you.” OMG! I was going to be a big sister. We drove up to the hospital and I got to meet my sister’s birth mom. She handed me my baby sister (who we named Chelsea) and told me that I was going to be such a great big sister and to not worry because she would never take her away from me.

Chelsea wasn’t even 24 hours old when we got to bring her home but because we didn’t go through the state to adopt her, we had to head straight from the hospital to the attorney’s office to start the adoption process. When we got to the office we realized that Chelsea needed a diaper change so we went to the bathroom to get her cleaned up. It was at that moment that my mom realized we had nothing. No diapers, no wipes, nothing. Everything had happened so quick that no one had time to stop and think about these kinds of details so we made her a makeshift diaper out of the bathroom paper towels, finished up with the attorney, and went straight to Babies R Us to buy all the essentials.

Fast forward 19 years to what I call our “Chelsea Moment”. I had made an appointment at the local courthouse to get Boston his very first passport. I made arrangements with my work to take off early because in order to get a passport for a child both parents have to be present (and every passport office near us closes before I normally leave work). So I left early, picked Boston up from the sitter and we went straight to the courthouse. We get there and Dustin carries Boston inside. I walk through the metal detectors and I'm waiting for Boston and D on the other side when I hear Dustin say, “This is the worst case scenario, Summer. The worst case.” I look back and Boston had pooped out the side of his diaper and all over the sleeve of D’s dress shirt. The security guard looks at Dustin and says “Oh man. That smells…. Do y’all have a diaper bag?” Crap (literally). I had totally forgotten to pack the diaper bag. Such a rookie mistake. We have absolutely nothing to change him into but I had already made the appointment and taken off work so there is no turning back. The security guard points me to the ladies room so I take Boston, trying my hardest to not get the poop all over me, and head in. 

Being the first time mom I am, I just about empty the paper towel holder and make him a nice changing table on the counter. He is smiling and cooing probably feeling so relieved after doing his business. I clean him up, stuff his onesie full of the remaining paper towels, and try my best to wash his hands since he has been touching just about everything on the bathroom counter. I walk out and Dustin looks at me and goes “Did he spit up?” I look down and Boston’s legs are covered in leftover soap from me trying to clean his hands so off I go back to the bathroom to wipe the rest off. I finally get him cleaned up and we go upstairs to our appointment.

We walk into the office and I immediately tell the sweet lady at the front our story because I am sure she thinks we look like ridiculous. She hands us another roll of paper towels and offers us her hand sanitizer. I just about cover Boston’s legs and arms in the stuff (because again I am that first time mom), we take his photo, and start finishing up the paperwork. The lady then asks us to raise our right hand to take an oath and right at that moment I feel warmth… I look down at Boston who is sitting on my lap and sure enough he is peeing. I swear he must have been holding it all day because it is soaking my dress, pooling up in the seat, running down my legs…. Awesome. I grab more of her paper towels, wipe down my legs and the seat, give the oath and head straight to the car (after a quick photo to document the mess of course).

As soon as we get in the car I send a text to my mom, dad and sister telling him about what had happened. My dad replies "Good job Boston :D". My sister replies with something along the lines of "haha thats so funny" and about an hour later my mom replies with probably the most fitting words for the situation… "Welcome to motherhood."
But how sweet is this passport photo? Gosh I love him so much.
Totally another day I will never forget and I know that every time I look at his passport I will remember the chaos and laugh.

Summer Ann


  1. Awww haha just one of those days! You just have to laugh about it ;)

    1. Exactly! There isn't anything you can do but laugh!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha thank you Danitza :) it was an interesting day!