Friday, October 10, 2014


This week my work sent me to Disney World to help with an event going on there. Since I was scheduled to be out of town for 4 of the next 5 weeks, I told D to pick one of the trips and I'd book him a flight so he and Boston could come along.

The flight there was pretty smooth and Boston was in a pretty good mood most of the flight. I did all of the things I had researched in order to improve our odds of not having a fussy baby for 2.5 hours. I've seen a lot of people ask what to do when traveling with a baby but I think the best thing to do is just keep in mind that there is so much that is out of your control and if your little one is not having it there may not be much you can do. It's always a gamble.

After we picked up our bags from baggage claim we found a cab to take us to the Waldorf Astoria. Since I stay at Hilton brand hotels often we were upgraded to a suite with a full dining room, living room and balcony overlooking the pool and golf course. It was gorgeous! Another perk of being a Hilton regular was we were given some free drink passes which really come in handy after your baby looses his marbles but more on that in a sec. The entire hotel property was just as gorgeous as the room. They have an awesome pool that I didn't get to enjoy but the boys did and D said it was really nice. They also have hot tubs, a lazy river, cabanas and servers walking around serving beverages. Totally up my alley.
One of the nights after I finished work, we went to Magic Kingdom and it was a blast! Boston was so entertained by all of the lights and noises and Dustin was pretty amazed too. There is not a single detail that Disney misses. Even the little gift shops were themed and the people working in them are dressed to match. Also because we were there in October we got to see the park all decorated for Halloween. So fun!
On the last night we took a bus to Downtown Disney for some shopping and dinner. I guess we pushed our luck because by the time we got our dinner Boston decided he wasn't having it. We scarfed down our sushi (never try this after you've slathered your roll in wasabi) and we hightailed it back to the hotel with our screaming baby. Not the most enjoyable evening but again, kids are so unpredictable so you've just gotta learn to go with the flow and maybe have some vino on standby.
 (Don't let this cute face fool you because he threw a fit about 30 minutes later.)

The next day our flight was scheduled to leave at 5:50pm so we got to the airport earlier than normal since the whole process is a little more difficult with a baby. When we checked in we found out our flight was delayed so we stopped at On The Border for a snack and some drinks. It started off fine but about 20 minutes into it Boston decided he was over it and pitched a little fit. I tried all the tricks I know to calm him which didn't work so I pick him up and start swaying with him. He immediately finds his fist, puts it in his mouth and calms down. I'm about to celebrate a major meltdown averted when I hear the sweet lady behind me (who is enjoying her champagne without interruptions btw) say to her husband "When they chew on their hands like that it means they're hungry." Obviously. I could have smacked her.

Aside from a couple of baby meltdowns, a know it all, and a delayed flight, we had a really great time. Boston slept the entire flight home and we learned a lot of tips for doing Disney better once we bring our kiddos here for an actual vacay. I can't wait to go back once Boston's older and can really get excited about all of it.

A couple more random pics from the trip:
Happy Friday!
Summer Ann

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