Monday, October 20, 2014

How To: DIY Poison Bottles

Happy Monday y'all! I can't believe it's almost Halloween!! We are so excited for the 13 Nights of Halloween showing on ABC Family this week :). We watched Casper and The Addams Family this weekend which totally brings me back to being a kid. Such great memories! Anyways, I'm finishing up a busy last two weeks because of a couple of work trips to Florida and New York City so I am a little behind on my Halloween blogging. Those of you that travel for work know that the work day rarely ends at 5pm so I am just now getting around to putting together the rest of the "how-to's" for my DIY decorations.

On one of my weekly runs to TJMaxx (I seriously think I may have a tiny addiction to that place) I saw some adorable poison bottles in their home decor section. They were pretty reasonably priced individually but for the amount I needed it would have been a little expensive so I figured I'd try and make some myself.

I ended up going to Hobby Lobby (another source of addiction for me) and purchasing 3 glass bottles that were 50% off and craft paint. I also ended up re-using some of the leftover glass bottles from Boston's baby shower for additional poison bottles. Basically just find a shape you like and a price that agrees with your budget. I bought black and grey acrylic paint because I wanted some variation in color and then I had D stop at Office Max and pick up some shipping labels/ sticker paper for the labels on the bottles.

I painted the bottles with a paint brush I already had and left it streaky to give it a more weathered look. On some of them I mixed the grey and black together to make different shades.
As they finished drying I printed the labels I purchased and cut them out. You can find the graphics here.
When they were done drying I pealed the backing off the stickers and stuck them to the bottles.
So easy! I think it took me maybe an hour to finish this project and I only spent $15 total on the Hobby Lobby bottles, $4 on paint, $2 on the graphics, and $15 on the sticker paper (but I've got a ton of sheets leftover that I know I will use on future parties or crafts).

Summer Ann


  1. This is such a smart idea! I just set aside 2 Olive Oil Bottles like 3 nights ago, thinking "surely I can find SOMETHING to do with these". Guess I know what to use them for now!! And they are a dark brownish green, so I might not even have to paint them!

    1. That's perfect!!! I saved some Red Stripe bottles for the project but i was too lazy to get the sticky residue off ;P