Friday, October 3, 2014

How To: Bedazzled Pumpkin

I'm all about DIY but now that I'm a mom working a full-time job the projects I do need to be done after Boston goes to bed which means they have to be easy and not super time consuming. This project took less than an hour so it can totally be done during nap time too if you happen to be lucky enough to have little ones that nap. I think the cost of one finished pumpkin was probably around $10. Not bad at all for such a pretty decoration that can be used each year.

- Foam or real pumpkin. I bought a foam one from Walmart because I wanted something that would last more than one season.
- White paint. I used leftover touch up paint from our house but any crafting paint should work.
- Around 400 brads and/or thumbtacks (maybe more or less depending on the size of your pumpkin). I used 200 of each because I wanted varying sizes. Also the brads I used were initially gold and I spray painted them silver. I didn't have time to stop at multiple stores to find silver brads but that would have been way easier.

First thing I did was paint the pumpkin. It took several coats of paint because it was initially dark orange. This step was probably the most time consuming.
Second, I used the larger thumbtacks and concentrated them along the bottom to give it the champagne bubble look. I didn't use them on the base where the pumpkin would sit because you won't see that part anyways.
Lastly, I filled in some of the gaps at the bottom with the smaller brads and worked my way up, spacing them further and further as I got to the middle.
So easy! I will say though, this is not a kid friendly decoration because the pins and brads can easily be pulled out by tiny little fingers. So if you do have kids, place it up high and out of reach.

I hope y'all have some fun plans this weekend! We will be heading to our state fair and I couldn't be more excited to try all of the new fried concoctions and of course wash it down with some Funnel Cake Beer. Yum yum!

Summer Ann

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