Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Frame That Wore Many Hats

Can you believe Halloween is less than 10 days away?? This year is flying by way too fast and I'd love a little slow down but I have a feeling that with the holidays just around the corner life is just going to keep picking up speed.

We've been trying to soak up every minute of the gorgeous weather we are having (I call it "no weather, weather"). But with work, feeding schedules and bedtime schedules I feel like we just can't fit in enough outdoor time. I'm hoping we can take full advantage of our pretty mellow weekend this week and have some family time outside.
 (Can you tell he loves his walks?)

With Halloween just around the corner I thought I'd share one of my last DIY projects. It may be a little last minute to take on a new craft but better late than never... And you can totally reuse the frame for Chrisrmas.

I initially bought this frame from Hobby Lobby to use as a Christmas wreath but as I said in a past post, the frame has worn many hats lately. It's greeted guests for lingerie showers, bridal showers, gender reveals and baby showers. It's had hot glue put on it and pulled off of it. It's been used, abused, painted and reused. And now it's getting put back to work and will greet our trick or treaters this year. Honestly it is probably the best $15 I've spent.
- 16x20 frame
- 4 inch crafting letters
- grey acrylic paint
- white acrylic paint
- silver or grey ribbon
- faux barbwire (purchased at Walmart in the Halloween section)
- hot glue
- wreath hook

Paint your frame and letters with the acrylic paint. To get the ombré look I used the same amount of white paint for all 3 and then used 2 drops of grey for the first letter, 5 drops for the second, and 10 for the third. You can add more white or grey to get the color you prefer. Then grab an Oktoberfest while you let the paint dry.
Cut a small piece of ribbon to create a loop to hang on the wreath hook. Then cut two smaller pieces to connect the letters together. Hot glue together. I used ribbon to make the letters more flimsy and durable when the door opens and shuts.
Then I wrapped the frame in the faux barbwire, knotted the two ends together and then hot glued the knot to the frame so it would stay.

Hang the hook over the door, loop the letters on the hook and then hang the frame.
Simple and cheap! I bought almost everything on sale at Hobby Lobby and spent under $25 including the frame that will be getting revamped for Christmas! Fa-la-la-la-la!

Summer Ann


  1. Super cute!! Might have to make a Hobby Lobby run this weekend

    1. Girl I'm telling you it will be the best $15 you'll spend!

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