Saturday, November 1, 2014

Boston's First Halloween

I think Halloween is one of those holidays that gets so much more fun when you have a kid. As soon as we got home from work we dressed Boston up in his Longhorn outfit that my mom found at a boutique here in Texas. Surprisingly she agreed to buy it for me since she is a huge Oklahoma Sooners fan but I think she knew how much Dustin would like it. And I am so glad she did because he looked adorable.  So adorable (and ridiculous) that I literally almost peed my pants when we put it on him the first time.  I couldn't stop laughing. But honestly I think he could have been anything and I would have loved it. 

Since he is still so little we decided to not take him Trick or Treating but we did invite some friends over for our traditional dinner of Frito Chili Pie. We ate, drank spiked apple cider (apple cider and whipped cream vodka… so dangerous) watched Halloween movies and waited for Trick or Treaters.  We live in a very kid friendly neighborhood so every year we buy tons of candy but we never seem to get very many kids coming by. But this year we probably had the most little ones stop by and I loved seeing all of the costumes. My favorite was a brother and a sister who were dressed as Beauty and The Beast but the little guy refused to wear the mask so his dad decided to wear it. 

Even with all the knocking and doorbell ringing Boston ended up sleeping through the whole thing but I have a feeling he will be much more involved next year. I can't wait!
Summer Ann

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