Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thrusday: Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Here's another Throwback Thursday party post for ya! When I said I had been putting off blogging for a long time I really meant it. The little girl we threw this shower for is now 4 years old and I took these pictures in hopes of one day posting them to a blog. I am such a procrastinator.

This shower is one of my all-time favorites for parties I have helped throw. The mama was the first in our group of friends to get pregnant which meant that me and her other best friend went a little nuts when it came to the planning. We had numerous meetups to pick out invites, shop for adorable little girl clothes, pick out flowers... We even met up to glue ribbons and pearls to straws. To say this mom and little girl are loved would be an understatement. 

When we started planning we asked the soon to be mom what she wanted for the shower and her only request was for it to be as eco-friendly as possible and hosted at her house so she could show off the adorable nursery. Aside from sending out paper invites (I just couldn't pass up some that I had found at a paper boutique here in Dallas) it was a very "green" shower. We asked the guests to bring their gifts unwrapped or wrapped in something reusable like a baby blanket. We used mason jars and mismatched china instead of paper cups and plates. And we decorated with baby clothes and potted plants that the guests could take home. Mom loved it so much she almost cried when she came in the door which made all the work so worth it.
Summer Ann


  1. This looks amazing and so many great ideas that you could use for all occassions (well ok maybe not the baby clothes decorations).

  2. Such a cute shower! That cake is amazing!

  3. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing

  4. Beautiful!! My mom did the sock hanging for my son's baby shower it was so cute.

  5. Omg, the decorations look so cute!!!! I wish I had a baby shower for my little girl.

    1. Showers are so much fun! I have a little boy but if I have a girl next I will have to have a frilly party. :)

  6. What a gorgeous party! I love the mason jars- so eco friendly AND cute!!