Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday after work we had a get together at my aunt's house. My cousin and his wife have a little girl who is almost 2 and a son who is exactly a month older than Boston which makes it so fun when we are together. The boys played while we chatted and Boston found himself a new favorite toy, a different bouncer. Once it got late, and way past Boston's bed time, we said our goodbyes to everyone and to the most awesome bouncer ever made.
(Cardigan is from H&M last season but you find similar here and here.)

Before Boston was born I swore up and down that I wouldn't be that mom with a house overran with toys.  I didn't want a special "baby holder" for everything, our house was going to stay clutter free. And our baby was going to love everything we had purchased for him because after all I had done my research.  I was so naive. I have since learned that anything that offers you 20 minutes of free time (or more than 2 hours of sleep) is worth any amount of clutter so Saturday afternoon we ran to Target to buy Boston his 3rd bouncer. (To date we have 4 different beds for him, baskets full of toys, and after Saturday, 3 different bouncers/walkers. Ridiculous.)
// Infinity Scarf (great for drooly babes)// Jeggings // Bodysuit // Loafer (similar)//

Saturday evening we put on some comfy clothes and went over to our friends' house for dinner. We ate, played with the babies (they also have a son B's age) and once they were tired and cranky we put them down to sleep so we could watch UFC and drink our first Sam Adams holiday beers of the season. My favorite is the White Christmas. Delicious!

Sunday morning we cuddled in our pjs and watched a live stream of our church service. Boston was so fussy which reaffirmed my decision to not take him to an actual service just yet and we tried to lay him down for nap which he protested.
By 11am Dustin and I were about to pull out our hair because B would not stop fussing so we decided to get out of the house for a walk. Boston loves being outside and after a mile he finally passed out. Sometimes he makes us work for it.
 Blanket made by: Lonestarwonders
Summer Ann


  1. Love!! It's funny how many words we eat when we become parents. ;-) I will probably write a post all about that one day.

    1. So true! And I am sure once we have a second I will be eating more words. It's funny how babies don't care about how cool a toy is supposed to be, right??