Monday, December 1, 2014

Boston's 7 Month Update

I love this little guy so much that I seriously feel like my heart may explode sometimes. And I know probably every mom says it but I feel like time is flying by way too fast. We are already over halfway through the year and I feel like he was just born yesterday. I better soak up all the cuddles and kisses while I can because I am pretty sure I am going to blink and he will be a teenager.

Weight: 19.5lbs

Teeth:  He still just has the 2 bottom teeth but I have a feeling the top front teeth will be coming in soon. You can see them just under the gums and he's been a drooling mess.

Words: He has really got the hang of "mama" even though I know he doesn't know the meaning.

Favorite Things: 
- Fisher-Price Jumperoo - Like I mentioned in a past post, my aunt had one of these jumpers at her house and we let Boston play in it while we ate dinner one night. He loved it so much! He stayed in there for at least 25-30 minutes just jumping and talking so the next day we made a run to Target to pick him up one. We have never been able to set him down for that long without him wanting us to pick him back up so we knew we needed to get one for our house.
- Infantino Activity Triangle - I really think this has helped motivate him to sit on his own. We put this toy in his lap and he will sit and flip this toy all over the place finding new things to play with.
- Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys - These are easy for him to hold without his fingers getting cold.
- Babyganics Hand Sanitizer - This is a mommy favorite. Now that he wants to touch whatever is near him and then likes putting his hands in his mouth, I am constantly sanitizing his hands. This stuff is alcohol free and baby friendly.
- Floating - I take him to a baby swim class and they taught me how to help him learn to float on his own. Basically I place my hand under the back of his neck and then help guide him to keep his chin back with the other hand. I like to practice with him in the bath tub and he loves it. When I do this with him he starts cooing and smiling at me. It's the sweetest thing!

Dislikes: He isn't a big fan of apricot. And apparently he isn't the only baby who doesn't like it since the apricot/sweet potato pouches were on clearance at Target. That should have been my first clue to pass that one up. And he still doesn't like being on his tummy so I am thinking we may have one of those kids who skips crawling and goes straight to walking. 

- He can sit all by himself. He still topples over every once in a while but for the most part he is pretty good at balancing.
- We started solids this month. We have been doing a combo of purees and Baby Led Weaning because our doctor recommended we give him some purees until he has the coordination to feed himself a little better.
- We had to start him on formula a week ago because I am not making enough milk to keep him satisfied. I am not sure what happened to my supply but over the past few weeks it has tanked and I needed some help. It was really hard on me because I wanted to try and exclusively breast feed for a year but for whatever reason my body decided it had its own plan.
// Sweater (from Carters last year) // Leggings // Distressed Leather Moccs // 

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