Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Made Mommy Kiss Santa Claus

We are getting so excited about Christmas around here. And last week we kicked off the festivities when me and my best friend Ashley flocked and decorated our tree. She has been my best friend since middle school and back in those days she was always coming up with weird concoctions in my parents' kitchen. She would drag me along for the ride and once we had finished making something really creative (and usually gross) we would offer it to my parents to test out. The little experiments must have been pretty bad because my dad would always make us promise that it wasn't one of  "Ashley's concoctions" before he would agree to try out whatever we were offering him.

I will say her experimenting has gotten so much better over the years. She moved to New Zealand not too long ago but last year when she came home for Thanksgiving, she offered to cook Dustin and I her famous fajitas that her "Kiwi" friends love. I was a tad bit nervous at first. But I hate cooking and when you hate cooking you don't turn down a free meal. So I agreed and she came over. Well as luck would have it, right in the middle of her food prep, our power decided to go out and she ended up having to improvise and use our outdoor grill to cook the rest of the meal. Despite that little obstacle, dinner was really yummy and thankfully she had already made a huge batch of Jalapeno Margaritas before we lost power. Crisis averted.

Well she had more than redeemed herself that night. So when she came over last week to help with the tree, I asked her to help me figure out a fun and sparkly beverage for the holidays. We figured it was only fair that we be the guinea pigs and we ended up going through a bottle and a half of bubbly that night. We had way too much fun but the drink was just so good! And the company didn't suck either. It was so delicious that we even felt confident enough to take it to my parents house the next day for them to try. Well they loved it and I am pretty sure they asked for seconds. Now that is sayin' somethin'.
Syrup Ingredients
1/2 cup of fresh cranberries
1 cup of brown sugar
1/8 tsp of ground ginger
2 cinnamon sticks
Juice of 2 oranges
1 cup of water

- Mix all of the Syrup Ingredients together on the stove on medium to high heat. You want to cook this long enough for the cranberries to pop and release the sugar. Just keep an eye on it because if you have the temp up too high the sugar can burn.
- Let the syrup cool and spoon a couple of spoonfuls into a champagne glass. Add chilled champagne.
- Garnish with a cinnamon stick!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Summer Ann

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