Thursday, January 29, 2015

Boston's 9 Month Update

Weight: 22 lbs

Teeth: He has 4 teeth up top and 2 on the bottom. We joke that he is a 1/4th Michael Strahan because his front two teeth are so far apart.

Words: Nothing new this month. He's still saying "mama mama" and "baba" with a few "wow"s thrown in every once in a while.

Favorite Things:
He is still loving some of the old favorites…
But he has a new favorite toy that I bought him for Christmas…
- My Pal Scout - This thing is so adorable. When you first get Scout you plug him into your computer and tell it your child's name, favorite food, favorite color, and favorite animal. Then when he sings songs he will incorporate some of those things and you should see Boston's face when he says his name. He will look up at me and smile so big like "Hey mom, he knows my name!!" And my favorite part of the whole toy??? It doesn't have the same high pitched voice that plays on just about just about every other toy he has. Thank goodness!

- Peas
- Getting his top teeth brushed. We have no problem with the bottom teeth but the top are another story. He flails around almost as much as when we are trying to use the snot sucker. Not fun.


- We still don't have a crawler but I swear he is right there... Any day now.
- He is really good at using his pincher grasp and he LOVES using his new skill on puffs. But we do have to be careful because even though they dissolve quick, sometimes he will grab an entire fist full and shove them all in his mouth.
- He is now our little rolly pollie and will roll around as a mode of transportation. He never did this before so we didn't have to really worry about leaving him anywhere until this month and man did he give us a good scare. I guess I could add this to the list of parenting fails but we placed him in the corner of our sectional with his bottle the other day and this little booger rolled right off. Thank goodness he wasn't hurt (he didn't even cry) but we sure felt like jerks after that. So parents, I know everyone "knows" not to leave your kid unattended but let me just reemphasize it for those knuckle heads like me... Do not leave your cutie alone for even a second on any surface other than maybe the floor.
And he's officially over it….
// Bibdana // Vest // Jeggings // Moccs //

Summer Ann

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Makeup Tutorial: My Everyday Makeup

Ok so I am no makeup pro but I have been wearing it since probably the 5th grade. I really feel like doing your makeup is a lot like painting a picture. And I have always been an artsy type of person which is probably why I love makeup so much. It's really all about creating highlights and casting shadows in all of the most flattering places. It can take time to really perfect a technique but once you have learned what looks good on you, you're all set.

I have had a few people email me asking how I do my makeup so I put together this little tutorial. Like I said, I am not a professional but I have spent a ton of time over the last decade or so trying to come up with the perfect mixture to make me the best "me". And honestly it's an ever evolving process but I am hoping this will give you all a good overview of what I do and eventually I can break this all down into a more detailed tutorial if you ladies would like. 
Natural Makeup Tutorial
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
Tarte MAC Revlon Cosmetics
 You can watch the tutorial here:

What you need…
Foundation -
Yellow Corrector -
Setting Powder -
Highlighter -
Bronzer and Eye Shadow (similar) -

Eye Highlighter -
Eye Liner (Black) -
Brow Pencil (Soft Brown) -
Mascara (Classic Black) -


Summer Ann

Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was another action packed weekend that went by with a blink of an eye. We started the fun off with dinner on Friday to say goodbye to my little sister who went back to college Saturday. Boston loves her so much (and of course I do too) so we will be counting down the days until she comes back home for the summer. 

// Shirt (Old:Similar) // Jeans (Old:Similar) // Shoes (Old:Similar) // Bib (Walmart In Store) //
Saturday morning, daddy surprised us with waffles in bed so we vegged out, watched some tv, and stole some snuggles from the little man who has stolen our hearts (and the remote).
Then it was time to get ready to go to my great aunt's house for our annual pig roast.
My great aunt, who is a little over 80 years old, hosts this part every January. It all started a few years ago when she saw this smoker for super cheap and decided it would be fun to have a neighborhood pig roast each year. She talked one of her neighbors into helping her pick this thing up and help her figure out how to roast a pig. The first year they kept it in ice in her bathtub which was such a gross thing to witness. But since the first year the party has grown to almost 100 people and it is such a great time. She is a hoot, the life of any party, and the lady I hope I am when I am 80 years old.
 We ate, drank, and kept warm by the fire.
And Boston tried to play with the girls who were so grossed out by him slobbering all over their toys. Poor guy!
Sunday we got up and went to brunch with some friends and then went driving around looking for more possible lots for our dream home.
We hope everyone had a great weekend. And hopefully the week will fly by so we can get a few more days to spend loving on this sweet dude.

Summer Ann

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Random Facts About Me

I always love reading random facts about people and Fawn over at tagged me on my Instagram to share 5 random facts about myself. I thought this would be fun but even more fun to do as a blog post so that all of you could get to know me a little better too. So here it goes...
  • I was born 2 months early and weighed 4lbs. I ended up needing heart surgery, dropped to 2lbs and stayed in the NICU for the next 2 months. My parents didn't have insurance so my grandmother donated her mothers 10 carat diamond ring to help pay off one of the bills. Crazy enough, that didn't even come close to covering it, and my parents had to pay on me until I was 16 years old. They call me their high maintenance kid.
  • My mom and sister are both adopted so one day I hope that I might be able to return favor. You can read more about my sisters adoption here.
  • I love traveling and the more exotic the better. My favorite places have been Singapore, Estonia, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Vancouver. My dream job would be to have a show on The Travel Channel. 
  • I somehow filled out my college application wrong and instead of getting accepted into the Broadcasting program, I was placed in the Engineering School for Computer Science. Since I am really good at math, I ended up getting a scholarship (which I was too broke to turn down) so I suffered through a year of Engineering and eventually changed my major to Psychology. Why I never went back to Broadcasting, I have no idea.
  • I was an actor through middle school, high school, and college. I have done a few tv shows, commercials, and print ads but one of the coolest things I got to do was audition with Luke Wilson for a movie he and his brothers were doing. I ended up not getting the part because they said I made Luke look small. I was 5'6" and about 125lbs… He was pretty tiny.
  • And one bonus... Demi Lavoto invited me to her birthday party about 12 years ago. We had met on the set of one of her tv shows, and she had seen me on one of mine, so I guess she thought I was "cool". I ended up not going for whatever reason but whenever I'm sittin' on my couch and see her on tv now I think "Man, I should have gone to that birthday party." ;P
What about y'all? Help me get to know you and put some of your random facts below!

Summer Ann

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Finally some gorgeous weather this weekend! I've been dying for it. We have had weeks of cold, gloomy days which I love when they are sporadic but hate when they stick around too long.

We took full advantage of it Saturday and spent the day running around, looking at future home sites for our next home. We have been looking for quite a while but after months of not finding anything we loved, we decided to give it a rest in hopes "the one" would pop up later. Thank goodness we did because we found 2 lots that would be perfect and one of them is my absolute dream. I couldn't sleep Saturday just thinking about it. We still have a lot of things that have to go right for it to work out but I'm praying it does.
Carter's Baby Boy Clothes
Sunday we decided to take B to our church for the first time since he did so well at the in-laws' church Christmas-Eve. We took him into the sermon with us (because I am still not ready to leave him with a stranger) and everyone seemed to love having a baby in service. Especially the sweet lady who sat next to us who B flirted with the whole time. Such a ladies' man.

After service was over, we went home, changed into some comfy clothes and went on a walk with the family. It is one of our favorite things to do. And poor Bennington has been trying to dart out our front door every time we leave so we knew he needed some fresh air too.
Britax B-Ready Stroller

By the time we got home B was ready for his nap so we put him to sleep and I started prepping our food and my juices for the week. D bought me a juicer for Valentine's Day last year (Don't worry. It's what I asked for. ;P) and I used it for the first time last week. I don't know what took me so long to use it but I am loving my green juice in the mornings. It makes me feel like I am doing something good for myself even if the rest of the day is a mess.
Kale Cucumber Spinach and Apple Juice
And Sunday night we had a few friends over for the UFC fight, hot wings, and adult beverages... It's all about balance, right?

Summer Ann

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hair Tutorial: Beachy Waves

This is probably my favorite way to curl my hair and I always have people asking me how I do it. I never like doing things that are way too complicated so this is very simple and right up my alley. On a regular day I can probably finish my hair in under 10 minutes which is perfect for when you don't have a ton of time. And it wears really well for at least a couple days. (I might actually like it better the 2nd day.)

What you need:
Dry Shampoo - 
Hair Spray -
Curling Iron (3/4 inch) -
And I use these rubber bands to hold my hair up while I sleep so my hair won't crease.

Day 1
Beach Wave Hair Tutorial
Day 2
Beach Wave Hair Tutorial
Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial
Watch the tutorial here:

Happy Monday y'all!

Summer Ann

Friday, January 16, 2015

Love Day

It's less than a month until Valentine's and I am so excited for another holiday where I can pass down some of my favorite traditions. Growing up my mom always made each holiday special which meant Valentine's Day wasn't ever just a Hallmark Holiday at our house. When we went to bed Valentine's Eve my mom would sneak downstairs and load up the fireplace with candy and small stocking stuffer-esque stuff. And then Valentine's night, once my dad came home from work, we would all sit down as a family and have what I called a "Romantic Dinner" which basically meant dimming the lights and having my mom light candles. I am not sure why I loved those dinners so much (I think I begged my mom for a "Romantic Dinner" every other night) but something about it made dinner so much more fun.

Besides the actual holiday and getting to love on my boys a little extra, I have a couple of parties I am planning which really gets me going. I love to throw a good party! This year I will be hosting our 2nd annual girls Valentine's get-together where we will watch a good amount of reality TV, drink a little too much champagne, and decorate Valentine's cookies for them to take home to their families. Then that weekend I am helping with a Valentine's themed bridal shower. Love and fun all around!

And since I am in full on holiday/party planning mode I figured I would share with you all a few of my favorite items I can't wait to get my hands on!
Valentine's Day Valentines
Candle (Link) - Ok so I bought one of these for my "Secret Santa" this year because her bestie told me it was her favorite. Oh my goodness, this thing smells heavenly. And what's more romantic than candles?

Cookie Cutters (Link) - Since I am hosting a cookie decorating party, I have to make sure I have festive cookie cutters. And these are just so darn cute! Plus I think I could re-use that arrow cutter for Boston's first birthday.

Coffee Cup (Link) - Because every holiday deserves a festive mug. Especially if you are a coffee nut like me.

Earrings (Link) - A little splurge for myself.

Nail Polish (Link) - So I reviewed this awesome stuff here and eventually I am sure I will own every color they make. I love this color for Valentine's but I also don't think you could go wrong with this one or this one.

Summer Ann

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Highlight Reel

One of my mom's favorite things to tell me when I was a teenager, and criticizing her parenting skills, was "Unfortunately you didn't come with a training manual".  And a few times she mentioned how she couldn't wait for the day that I had a kid of my own so that I would realize the truth of that statement. Well her wishes are finally being realized and even though Boston is less than a year old, I am already wishing there were such a manual because we have already had our fair share of parenting fails these past 8 months so here are some from our highlight reel.

- Boston loves his Ergo but I figured I would try to do the side carry during one of our walks since he was getting older and way more observant. I googled and found the official how to video which seemed easy enough. Wrong. Just look at this picture... 
Ergo Baby Side Carry
I am sure it is all user error but I doubt this is how it's supposed to work. And to make things worse, he decided to pee all over me right as we got down the street so after all the effort we had to cut things short and turn around. (And the pic below cracks me up because he looks scared out of his mind. Poor kid.)
Ergo Baby Side Carry
- One night, after a few failed attempts to get Boston to fall back asleep, I decided to ask D for some reinforcements. I was exhausted and losing my patience so I waved my white flag and surrendered the baby duties over to dad. D was great and pulled Boston's sleeper over to his side of the bed and tried rocking him and pacifying him with a soothie. Nothing was working and D couldn't figure out why Boston wouldn't take the pacifier so he got his iPhone and turned on the flashlight. Turns out he had been trying to put the pacifier in Boston's eye and not his mouth. Yikes! He didn't want to freak me out so quietly he took B to the kitchen to examine him and make sure he hadn't hurt him. Well he hadn't, and being the thoughtful guy he is (not wanting to wake me), decided to not tell me until the next morning.

And my personal favorite....
- The first time we decided to use the bulb syringe was a disaster. Boston had a huge booger, which D couldn't stand to look at, so he decided he would take a stab at using the snot sucker. Like most babies, B hated it and was began crying. flailing. twisting, and turning which made the mission a little more difficult. I swear using one of those things feels like playing a game of Operation in an earthquake. Well just as D was about to celebrate his victory in snatching up the boog, he accidentally released the suction and the booger dropped right in B's mouth. You would have though D was in elementary school all over again because he kept yelling "Ew! Ew! Summer get it! Get It!" Thankfully I was able to retrieve it for the second time but it was a mess of a few minutes. 

We make one heckuva team I tell ya. And if anyone finds one of those training manuals, feel free to send it our way. Happy HumpDay!

Summer Ann

Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a gloomy, chilly weekend which made it perfect for a doing a little bit of nothing. I am a major homebody when I can be. Probably because most of our weeks and weekends are so jam packed full of activities that when I have a weekend free, my favorite thing to do is nothing.

Saturday morning was the the only time we had any plans and that was to meet some friends of ours for brunch.
// Jeans //
We decided to try out this new place just down the street from us and wow was it good. Dustin had Eggs Benedict and I had Fried Catfish with a Black Eyed Pea Hash. I think my mouth is watering just typing this.
And of course brunch wouldn't be complete without a champagne cocktail (because that's what you are supposed to drink at brunch, right). D had a strawberry, mint mimosa and I had a sparkling wine, St Germaine cocktail. It was so yummy that I got the recipe so I could make it for a girl's V-day party I am hosting.
That night we invited few friends over for Chinese takeout and drinks. We toasted to a new marriage.
And tried our hardest to block Bennington out of the living room so he couldn't knock our drinks over. His tail is dangerous.
Sunday was totally plan-less so we made a pallet on the living room floor, played with B, and watched football. Unfortunatley our team lost (a robbery I tell ya) but we still had a blast.
Look at these monkeys!
After the babe was asleep, me and D had a picnic in the living room and rented "The Good Lie" (which has to be one of the best movies ever made). 
And now the countdown is on for the next weekend to begin. I swear I live for Saturdays.

Summer Ann.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

What's In My Bag: Part I

Beauty Favorites What's in my bag
I always love reading the pages in magazines where a celeb empties out their purse and shows what's inside. Well I am no celebrity, just a regular Joe Schmo, but I thought it would be fun to start an occasional series highlighting some of the pretty inexpensive things I really love right now. (And hopefully y'all will give me a few recommendations that might make the list next time.)

Benefit Watt's Up (link here) - This is by far my favorite highlighter. I use this on my brow bone, cheek bone, nose, and right above my top lip line. It gives you a really pretty shimmer without huge glitter flakes that make you look like you're trying to relive your high school prom.

Eos Hand Lotion (link here) - I love the size and shape of the packaging because it takes up hardly any room in my bag. And these days, bag space is a hot commodity. I also love the scent. I normally don't love floral-y smells but this scent is so clean and it moisturizes well without leaving a greasy feel. This has been a "must have" this winter since my hands have been super dry from washing them like a mad woman trying to keep the sick germs away. 

L'Oreal Liner (link here) - I have always been more of a pencil girl but this gel has changed my tune. The pigment is rich and the brush is fine which makes the usually tricky cat eye application a breeze. And it stays on really well. I was worried with it being a gel that it might smudge easily, but nope! I tried it on my hand first and had to wash them 3 times to get it off.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (link here) - I wrote an entire review on this polish (here) but in short, this stuff is a great alternative if you can't make it to the salon for the real stuff. It doesn't last quite as long but it lasts way longer than regular polish. And how cute would this color be for a hot Valentines Day date? 

Jack Black Lip Balm  (link here) - This stuff is the bomb!! I got some in a swag bag a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I hate my lips being dry, and I have a bad habit of chewing on them if they are, so this is always with me. But I do have to be careful because sometimes it does goes missing. Thankfully though, I can usually find it in D's pocket. ;) 

And thats a wrap! What are some of your current "must haves"?

Summer Ann

Friday, January 9, 2015

Healthy Fast Food Options (and they are yummy too)

I've been counting calories ever since my first "real" high school boyfriend told me that I was the biggest girl he had ever dated. Charming, I know. So that means almost half of my life I have been on a diet which I think should make me an expert on this stuff, right?

(Here is a pic on a cruise after college graduation. I hope I can get back to this for the summer.)
Before and After picture Healthy fast food
(And here is my pic when I was 37 weeks and decided to try and get a tan in the backyard because for some reason I thought that was actually important to do before Boston came. Turns out it wasn't. But I am putting this out there for motivation that maybe it will hold me to making healthier options so I can post a good "After" this summer.)
Good preparation (like these freezer meals) has made eating well at home so much easier. But sometimes when I am caught out, hungry and have a baby whose finally passed out in the backseat, I have to cave and grab some fast food. It doesn't mean I have to blow my diet though because you can find something healthy almost anywhere.

And so since I am sure many of you are starting off the new year with a plan to eat healthier (it was one of the top resolutions on my list too now that I am not pregnant or nursing) I decided I'd put together a list of my favs just in case any of you ladies happen to be in the same predicament sometimes too.

McDonald's Egg White Delight McMuffin - 250 Calories, 18g of Protein
McDonald's Fruit and Yogurt Parfait - 150 Calories, 4g of Protein
TacoBell A.M. Grilled Egg and Cheese Taco - 170 Calories, 7g Protein
Chickfila Chicken Minis (4 count) - 370 Calories, 20g Protein

Lunch and Dinner
McDonald's Sweet Chili Wrap - 380 Calories, 27g of Protein
Wendy's Asian Cashew Chicken Salad (fully loaded) - 380 Calories, 36g Protein
Wendy's Grilled Chicken Wrap - 260 Calories, 19g Protein
Wendy's Rich and Meaty Chili (large) - 250 Calories, 23g Protein
TacoBell Fresco Soft Taco (I order 2) - 160 Calories, 8g Protein
TacoBell Fresco Chicken Soft Taco (I order 2) - 150 Calories, 10g Protein
Chickfila Grilled Chicken Nugget Kids Meal (6 count with fruit cup) - 145 Calories, 17g Protein
Jack In The Box - Chicken Fajita Pita - 366 Calories, 24g Protein

McDonald's Fruit and Yogurt Parfait - 150 Calories, 4g of Protein
McDonalds Vanilla Cone - 170 Calories, 5g of Protein
Wendy's Classic Chocolate Frosty - 200 Calories, 5g of Protein

Summer Ann

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Vegas

This weekend my work sent me to Vegas and I thought it would be a fun trip to bring Dustin on. We decided to have the grandparents watch Boston this time because I think Vegas is one of those places better for just the parents (or older kids).

We left Saturday morning after a quick stop for some caffeine and mimosas. What a better way to start off a Vegas trip than with some booze, right? 
Starbucks and Mimosas
We got in right before lunch so we dropped off our bags at the Palms and went straight to the Palazzo for some sports betting and bar food. There were some great football games on and having some skin in the game made it even more exciting. (And in the cab ride over I couldn't help but take a pic of my new favorite nail color and jeans).
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Forever 21 Jeans
That night, after checking to make sure some of my work things were in order, we decided to head back to the Palazzo to make a bet on the Jon Jones fight. We love watching fights and it was fun to be in Vegas for one.

The next morning Dustin and I needed to detox after having a few too many vodka sodas the night before so we went to the Palms spa. I wasn't a huge fan of the hotel in general but the spa was really nice. They have a co-ed hammam so D and I hung out in there for a while. It was so relaxing and totally my cup of tea. 
Palms Place Drift Spa
I spent that afternoon and the next day working but we were able to go to some fun events in the evening. Neon Trees performed the last night and we tried our hand at some Blackjack after. We aren't big gamblers so we worked as a team and I looked up the suggested plays on a cheat sheet while D played. Luckily we had such a nice group of people at the table with us and didn't mind giving us some pointers too. 
Palms Moon Club
The next morning, before heading to the airport, we stopped for a totally Vegas breakfast with a "Hangover Omelet" that was filled with french fries and a pitcher of White Pineapple Sangria. Delicious! 
Serendipity Cesars Palace
We didn't walk away with any winnings (but we didn't lose big either) and I was able to mix work and quality time with D, so I guess I will consider it a winning trip.

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2015. It sure has been fun for us!

Summer Ann

Monday, January 5, 2015

Fake It 'til You Make It

Ok so you had a baby and you feel like a wreck. Your body hurts, you are sleep deprived, your hormones are going craaaayyyzeee. Getting all dolled up is the last thing you feel like doing, but it may be exactly what you need. 

Anytime I was sick my mom would tell me to take a shower, do my hair, and put on my makeup. Her theory was that if you look good, you feel good. And I have learned after all these years that it is so true. At least for me it is.

When I had Boston I had a pretty bad case of the baby blues. I was so weepy and completely overwhelmed with my awesome new responsibility. And I felt like I was in mourning of my past self and worried that I was never going to be her again. But I am happy to say that after about a month I finally felt more normal. I think most of it had to do with giving my body time to recover but I also think taking a little time each day to fix myself up really helped me identify with my old self. These days I do not have nearly the amount of time to do my hair or makeup but I have adapted to the crazy mom schedule and here are some shortcuts I have learned along the way. 
  • Buy yourself some dry shampoo. In the past I washed my hair everyday but who has time for that with a newborn who doesn't sleep well? This stuff makes it to where I only need to wash it every 3 days. I've tried a few brands and they all work pretty good but I think I prefer the Dove brand. Seriously this stuff is amazing! 
  • Curl your hair in tighter curls. Doing this and using the dry shampoo will allow you to wear your hair longer. By the end of the third day my hair is wavy but looks like I still spent time on it. 
  • Buy some of these rubber bands. At night I like to put my hair up in a pony tail. It keeps it less tangled and out of the way for the middle of the night feedings but these elastics do not crease my hair so I can wear my curls the next day. 
  • Gel nails. If you can swing it, get your hubby, mom or friend to watch the little one for an hour and get your nails done. The gel nails last me about 3 weeks and I always feel like having good nails makes you look and feel more put together. But if you don't have time to get to a salon, check out my review on the next best thing.
  • Prioritize your bath/shower. Boston was an awful napper. It made getting a full bath or shower in the middle of the day almost impossible so I had to start prioritizing. In order for me to feel clean I have to shave. Everyday. So this was the first thing I would do just in case he happened to wake up and I wasn't able to finish. 
  • Wash your face but keep your eye makeup. Some days I am able to spend more time doing my makeup than others. On days when I don't have a ton of time, I just wash my face but keep my eye makeup on. I may have to re-blend in my eyeshadow or fix eyeliner smudges with a qtip, but that takes so much less time than a full application. 
  • Match your sweats. The first few weeks I pretty much lived in tank tops and workout shorts but its amazing how much better you feel if they at least match. 
  • Buy pretty undergarments. A sexy bra or pretty set of undies always makes me feel prettier even if I am just wearing sweats. And lets face it, if you are a nursing mom I am sure you've realized that most nursing bras are not very sexy. After a lot of researching, I finally found the most gorgeous brand of nursing bras made by these people. They are so well made and not any more expensive than a Victoria's Secret bra. I never ordered any of the matching sets of underwear because I have a favorite kind from VS (I love them because they don't push in on my sides) so I just took my bras up there and matched some panties to them.
Summer Ann

Photo by Jackie Spivey Photography

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Clean Slate

Wow. What a year 2014 was. It definitely had plenty of highs and quite a few lows, but all in all it was a good year.

We welcomed our first little one in April which was a great experience but I did have a pretty bad case of the "Baby Blues" the first few weeks he was here which put a damper on what should have been the happiest days of my life. I can't wait to have a second baby but just the thought of going through that again kinda scares me. I loved being pregnant, and the labor and delivery was pretty smooth, but those first few weeks were hard. I was a psychology major in college so I have studied depression but you really have no clue what it is really like until you go through it. But I am so lucky that after 2-3 weeks it was totally gone and I could finally enjoy my perfect, healthy baby.

Another low this year was when Boston was sent to the hospital for an incarcerated umbilical hernia. We woke up one Sunday morning and he didn't seem like himself. I nursed him and not too long after he threw up everything he had just eaten. This happened a couple more times and we called the nurse. She suggested we go to the dr that afternoon but as I was changing him to get him ready to leave, I noticed his belly button was purple and hard. I immediately called her back and she told me to head to Children's Hospital because they had good surgeons. Gosh. Not something a mom wants to hear. I totally lost it and bawled my eyes out in the back seat while D drove us to the hospital. He ended up having emergency surgery and was totally fine after.

Going through that experience was very eye opening though and really changed my perspective on so much. Since we had to stay a couple of nights, we spent some time roaming the halls and we quickly realized how good we had it. We were only going to be there for a few days, while other parents spent months there. And we would be leaving with a perfectly healthy baby when others may not be so lucky. We left feeling so thankful for everything God had blessed us with.

But we had so many positive things happen this year aside from delivering a healthy little boy. We got to take Boston to Chicago, Disney World, and on his first cruise. We purchased our first boat and we had so much fun this summer with some of our closest friends on the lake. I got promoted at work and Dustin was salesman of the year again this year. We have made so many wonderful memories this year. Our families are happy and healthy. We are blessed and very thankful. Here are some pics of my favorite moments from the year:
Bringing baby home
Welcoming Boston to the world.
Mother's Day
 My first Mother's Day.
Flying with a baby
 Boston's first flight.
Traveling with a baby
His first hotel stay.
Traveling with a baby
 Hanging out in Chicago.
First Lake trip
Spending time at the lake.
Sip and See
Partying at B's Sip and See. 
Disney with a baby
Hanging out at Disney. (Full post here.)
Baby Halloween Costume
Boston's first Halloween. (Full post here.)
Mommy Blog
Surprising my best friend at the airport.
Cruise with a baby
Our first cruise as a family of 3. (Full posts here, here and here.)
Baby's First Christmas
Meeting Santa for the first time.
Baby's First Christmas
And B's first Christmas.
I am so thankful for all of the memories of 2014 but I am also grateful for the fresh slate a new year brings and I wish all of you a very happy New Year. 


Summer Ann