Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up: Vegas

This weekend my work sent me to Vegas and I thought it would be a fun trip to bring Dustin on. We decided to have the grandparents watch Boston this time because I think Vegas is one of those places better for just the parents (or older kids).

We left Saturday morning after a quick stop for some caffeine and mimosas. What a better way to start off a Vegas trip than with some booze, right? 
Starbucks and Mimosas
We got in right before lunch so we dropped off our bags at the Palms and went straight to the Palazzo for some sports betting and bar food. There were some great football games on and having some skin in the game made it even more exciting. (And in the cab ride over I couldn't help but take a pic of my new favorite nail color and jeans).
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Forever 21 Jeans
That night, after checking to make sure some of my work things were in order, we decided to head back to the Palazzo to make a bet on the Jon Jones fight. We love watching fights and it was fun to be in Vegas for one.

The next morning Dustin and I needed to detox after having a few too many vodka sodas the night before so we went to the Palms spa. I wasn't a huge fan of the hotel in general but the spa was really nice. They have a co-ed hammam so D and I hung out in there for a while. It was so relaxing and totally my cup of tea. 
Palms Place Drift Spa
I spent that afternoon and the next day working but we were able to go to some fun events in the evening. Neon Trees performed the last night and we tried our hand at some Blackjack after. We aren't big gamblers so we worked as a team and I looked up the suggested plays on a cheat sheet while D played. Luckily we had such a nice group of people at the table with us and didn't mind giving us some pointers too. 
Palms Moon Club
The next morning, before heading to the airport, we stopped for a totally Vegas breakfast with a "Hangover Omelet" that was filled with french fries and a pitcher of White Pineapple Sangria. Delicious! 
Serendipity Cesars Palace
We didn't walk away with any winnings (but we didn't lose big either) and I was able to mix work and quality time with D, so I guess I will consider it a winning trip.

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2015. It sure has been fun for us!

Summer Ann


  1. Vegas can be a really fun place if you're with the right person + there is some spa-ing involved! :) I really enjoyed reading this post! Xo, Alison

    1. That is the key! You have to have the right company. :)

  2. oh i absolutely love love las vegas!! i've been there more than 10 times and the palazzo is awesome. i think i've only won big one time - and i bought myself a pair of jimmy choos! never won that big again but it's so fun!

    1. A girl after my own heart! I wish I would have won big because there are a few pairs I wouldn't mind adding to the collection.

  3. Oh mimosa's are so yummy and dangerous! Too easy to drink.. lol. Sounds like you had a fun trip!

    1. So true!! One of our favorite things to do before we had Boston was sit on a patio at one of our favorite restaurants who had bottomless mimosas for $8. We would just hang out for hours. It was the best time!

  4. Sounds like such a fun trip! Those destroyed denims are so perfect! :)


  5. Quick Question:: Is your nail Polish color in this post the Sally Hansen Gel brand? If so what color is it!?

    I tried the Gel polish after you blogged and did a review on it and absolutely loVe it :) I always hated painting my nails due to them chipping days after painting them. I've had in the gel polish on for 2 weeks now and it's just fabulous!! So thank you for blogging about it :))

    Would love to hear any other products you have tried and liked! Love your blog.

    1. Hey girl!! So happy to hear you love it too! Yes it is the Sally Hansen Gel! There is a link to it in the post but the color is "Too Haute" and I found it at Target.

      I plan on doing more reviews for sure! And I am so glad to hear that you liked the post!


    2. Ooh Yupp there is a link!! Must of missed that when I was reading!! Thanks :)

  6. I love Vegas! Sounds like you had a fun trip :)
    All the Cute