Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boston's 10 Month Update

Weight: 23 lbs

Teeth: He has the same 6 as last month. And the same adorable Madonna style gap. I love it!

Words: He finally said "Dada"! I was in the living room playing with him and Dustin was in his office working. He said it, I squealed, and D yelled "Heard it!!" and came running in to give B some lovin'. He was pumped. I swear he has been working on that word since B was a few months old and now it's Boston's favorite word. I rarely can get a "Mama" out of him unless he's crying because he always cries for me. And I eat it up.

Favorite Things:
He is still loving some of the oldies…
And a few new things…
- My phone.
- The remote.
- Anything I'm eating.
- Gelato. So I know it's not something you should give your kids just yet but I let him taste some of mine one night and he was my best friend the rest of the evening. He was hanging all over me, mouth wide open, trying to get my spoon. And he would pout when I took a bite and didn't offer him some so now we call him our little baby bird.

- The iRobot. He used to love watching it roam around the house but ever since he crawled over and accidentally pushed the On button one night, he has been terrified of it.

- We have a crawler! Usually he just does the Army Crawl but the other day he did a regular crawl and we were all so excited.
- He can pull himself up from a sitting position to a standing position so we had to lower the crib. He is growing too quick!
- He cruises around the edge of our sectional… Usually to grab the remote or some Puffs I have scattered around as motivation. :)
Summer Ann

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a short weekend for me since I spent all Friday, and half of the day Saturday, in California for work. I was so ready to get home to my guys because I feel like I have spent almost this whole month in a hotel room or in an airport. I love getting to travel for work but I am so happy to spend this next week home.
// Handbag (Preowned) or (New) // Shoes (Similar) // 
When I got home on Saturday we went for a quick walk, since we knew the weather was going to be nasty the next few days, and Bennington would be darting out the door every time we opened it if we didn't. Then we jumped in the truck and headed to the grocery store to stock up on some junk food and adult beverages because those are the most important items on the list when there is an impending ice storm coming your way, amiright?

When we got home we played for a bit, pampered Boston, and then put him to sleep. He is so darn spoiled.
Then Dustin and I made ourselves "dinner" (cheese and crackers… my kind of meal) and tasted some new beers. Our grocery store has a "Build Your Own Six Pack" section so we thought it would be fun to have a little beer tasting once B was asleep. 

We watched St. Vincent, drank our drinks, and munched on our snacks. It was such a great movie and I bawled like a baby when it ended. But I think my whacked out hormones made me way more emotional than normal which would almost be embarrassing if I didn't have somewhat of an excuse.

For those who don't follow me on Instagram, I started up fertility meds again this past month. They didn't work as well as they did with Boston and left me with OHSS and some really messed up emotions. Hopefully we will get things leveled out soon, but until then, we will be taking it easy around here. Doctors orders.
Sunday morning we made a big breakfast and some mimosas.
And Daddy entertained Boston with his Valentine's gift.
We spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch watching Fixer Upper (which again had me crying my eyes out.  Lord help me). Staying warm by the fire. Playing with Boston…
And soaking up all of this awesome family time.
I feel like these are the things the best weekends are made of. I really hope I will remember some of these moments for the rest of my life. And I hope everyone is staying warm and had a great weekend like we did. We will be waiting for the next one all week long and that is one thing that I doubt will ever change.

Summer Ann

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tips For Flying With A Baby

Here I am on yet another flight out of town for work. I love my job because it allows me to travel and I knew when we decided to have kids that I wanted to try my hardest to make an effort to travel with them.

It's so sad to me when I hear people who enjoy traveling say they will wait until their kids get older to travel again. To me, that is such a waste of potentially great memories just waiting to be had by your kids and your partner. And I think the earlier you start traveling with your kids, the more comfortable they are with each trip.

We took our first trip with Boston when he was 6 weeks old because Dustin was offered a free trip to Chicago from his work. Dustin was a little unsure about traveling with him just yet, but I told him we'd make the best of it and it would be a great trial run to see how traveling with a baby really was.
Tips for flying with a baby
Turns out, we had a blast. Boston slept the whole flight there and the entire flight home. He was still not sleeping through the night so nothing changed there. And I figure, if your kid isn't sleeping, your kid is teething, your kid is all over the place, you will have to deal with that whether you're at home or on vacation. So you mine as well go on vacation.

Since that trip, we have taken him to Disney World and on a Caribbean cruise. And each trip has been so much fun for us. I always tell people that traveling with kids is a totally different experience but it is still worth the experience. If you go into it with an open mind and no expectations, you will have a great time.

So now that I have hopefully persuaded you to take a trip with your little one, here are a few tips for that nerve wracking first flight.

  • Pick a flight during a typically good sleeping time. Boston sleeps so much better in the mornings or near his bedtime. Flights where I know he will be sleepy are easier because the noise on the plane, along with a full belly, makes him pretty sleepy. 
  • Nurse, feed, or pacify baby during takeoff and landing. The suction will help their ears acclimate to the adjusting air pressure. Boston nursed/slept nonstop on most of the flights when I was  still breastfeeding which was totally fine with me. And according to my pediatrician, the younger they are, the less of a problem they have with the pressure. 
  • Pick the side of the airplane with 3 seats and select the aisle and window. That way you have a chance no one will pick that middle seat and you will have an entire row. If someone does end up in the middle seat I am sure they would gladly trade you a window or an aisle so you can sit together. It's always worth a try.
  • I always bring a pack of sanitizing wipes and wipe down the area around our seats real good so that baby's grabby hands won't get too germy. 
  • Make sure to have gas drops, pain reliever, a few toys for entertainment and an extra set of clothes in your carry on just in case. 
  • Use a baby carrier (I use this one)to make walking through the airport so much easier. You can even wear the baby through security which is so nice. 
  • Check with the airline but I think almost every one of them allows you to bring the carseat, stroller, and a carry on item for baby at no charge even if they are riding as a lap child. I always wear Boston in the Ergo and push the umbrella stroller with the carseat on top of it right to the gate and have them gate check it for us. 
  • You can bring on liquids that are over the ounce allowance for baby but they will need to perform some additional screening. 

And the most important tip I can offer… 

  • Go with the flow. There are so many things that you can't control and going into it with the mindset that things will be different and to not expect too much, always takes some pressure off of me. And if things don't go well, have some vino on standby.
Tips for flying with a baby
Tips for flying with a baby
Tips for flying with kids
Tips for flying with kids
Tips for flying with a baby
Summer Ann

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Lovin'

I swear we have been celebrating Valentine's Day all month. It started with a Girls' Night Out, cookie decorating party at my house. And then I helped throw a Valentine's themed Bridal Shower a few days later that was full of fun and love.

On Thursday, when I came home from a work trip to San Francisco, Dustin surprised me with a handmade card, our favorite wine, some flowers, and cake balls (which we renamed "cake blobs"). It meant so much to me because I knew it took so much time and effort. I mean he even went on Pinterest and found a cake ball recipe…obviously things did not go according to his plans but I was so impressed regardless of the presentation. I am all about the thought and effort behind a gift and he totally nailed it.
To top it off, he even documented the card making with photos. He knows me so well.
How proud does he look!?
Friday my mom surprised us and took Boston shopping for a gift for us. She cleans our house each week so she hid our gift behind our pillows so we had a nice surprise when we got into bed that night.
And of course, Boston received more Valentines love than anyone I have ever known…. He got a couple of stuffed animals, his favorite foods, a new book, and way too many kisses to count. He is so loved.
 But really, with this face, how could you not smooch him all day long??
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I hope everyone has had a wonderful last few days loving on the special ones in your life. We have been soaking it all in around here.

Summer Ann

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hair Tutorial: Big Texas Hair

It's no new news that here in Texas we like our big ol' hair. I am sure you've heard the phrase "The higher the hair, the closer to heaven" and we really take that to heart 'round these parts. 

I've had a few friends ask me to show them how I tease my hair so I figured I would make a tutorial to show you how I do it… Along with another way I like to curl my hair for a softer, bouncier curl.  And I always think big hair is sexy, so it would be a perfect style for a Valentine's Date with your guy.

What you need:
Moroccan Oil -
Dry Shampoo -
Hair Spray -
Brush -
Clip -
Curling Iron (1 inch) -
Big Texas Hair Tutorial
How to add volume to your hair
Big, Soft Bouncy Hair Tutorial
Hair Tutorial: Big Texas Hair

Summer Ann

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

I love planing a party and especially for people that I love so much. My best friend Michele, whom I've known since I was about 3 years old, got married in Colorado over Christmas so we decided to plan a celebratory bridal shower for her and her wife since we couldn't join them at the wedding. We had such a great time celebrating two of the sweetest people I know.
Bridal Shower Decor Ideas
Chalkboard inspired by Style Me Pretty
Apothecary Jar Floral Arrangement
Mini MeRed Black and White Bridal Shower DecorShower Food Ideas Veggie Cups
And my other best friend Victoria came with her little guy to join in on the fun as well. Her son is 6 weeks older than Boston so we always have such a fun time getting together with them.
Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever
Best Friends Forever
Since I had such a busy week traveling for work, and spent most of the night Friday and the whole day Saturday planning for the party, we spent the day Sunday just laying in bed, watching movies, running a few errands….
The Home Depot Baby
…testing Bennington's patience and enjoying time outside. The entire weekend was what I like to call "no weather, weather" so we soaked it all in since it's supposed to get cold again in just a few days.
A Man's Best Friend Puppies and babies
I hope everyone had a great weekend like we did! I swear we live for the weekends around here.

Summer Ann

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Girls' Night Out

Tuesday I had a few of my girlfriends over for a fun Valentine's Day champagne and cookie decorating party. We did this a couple of years ago and it was such a blast so I decided to throw one again. And since I was too busy around Christmas to make any cookies, I thought this would be a fun way to get my cookie fix in before next Christmas.

We had so much fun (maybe a little too much actually) and I am so glad to have these girls as friends. Every time we get together we have the best conversations and by the end of the night we are always begging for a girls trip to happen. We usually spend a good part of the night planning out our Vegas trip to see Britney, which always ends up falling through, but I'm hoping one of these days we actually make it happen. :D
Valentine's Day Party Decor
This recipe is the best cookie recipe ever! My mom has used this recipe every Christmas since I can remember. You can find it here.
This hand sewn heart garland can be purchased HERE.
Valentine's Day Party Decor
Valentine's Day Party Decor
Valentine's Day Party Decor
Valentine's Day Party Decor
Valentine's Day Party Decorations
Valentine's Day Party Decorations
And don't forget to enter our Valentine's giveaway! I have teamed up with two awesome mama's and we are giving away one of the adorable hand sewn heart garlands and a custom made burlap banner from Sprinkle With Sparkle. You can enter the giveaway on my Instagram page HERE.
Valentine's Day Giveaway
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