Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Lovin'

I swear we have been celebrating Valentine's Day all month. It started with a Girls' Night Out, cookie decorating party at my house. And then I helped throw a Valentine's themed Bridal Shower a few days later that was full of fun and love.

On Thursday, when I came home from a work trip to San Francisco, Dustin surprised me with a handmade card, our favorite wine, some flowers, and cake balls (which we renamed "cake blobs"). It meant so much to me because I knew it took so much time and effort. I mean he even went on Pinterest and found a cake ball recipe…obviously things did not go according to his plans but I was so impressed regardless of the presentation. I am all about the thought and effort behind a gift and he totally nailed it.
To top it off, he even documented the card making with photos. He knows me so well.
How proud does he look!?
Friday my mom surprised us and took Boston shopping for a gift for us. She cleans our house each week so she hid our gift behind our pillows so we had a nice surprise when we got into bed that night.
And of course, Boston received more Valentines love than anyone I have ever known…. He got a couple of stuffed animals, his favorite foods, a new book, and way too many kisses to count. He is so loved.
 But really, with this face, how could you not smooch him all day long??
// Shirt // Leggings // Shoes //
I hope everyone has had a wonderful last few days loving on the special ones in your life. We have been soaking it all in around here.

Summer Ann


  1. Aaahhh!!! Cake blobs, that is really sweet and lots of bonus points for snapping pictures of the card process. Obviously a well trained bloggers husband :).

    1. ;P Yes he is very good to me. He hates taking pics almost as much as he hates being in them so I was very thankful.

  2. What a sweet and thoughtful hubby you have! Glad you had a super V-day

    1. Thanks so much, lady!! I hope yours was great as well.

  3. What a cute valentine you have ;) <3


    1. Thank you! He has totally stolen my heart. I love him to pieces.

  4. This is so ADORABLE!! Your such a lucky girlie! P.S. think you would love the Like New Again outfit post that we shared on the blog today!
    xo, Jennifer
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    1. Thanks so much! I am very blessed to have these guys.