Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

Birthday parties and patio weather, oh my. We started the weekend off with a birthday party and as we were driving with 3 different gifts, for 3 different kiddos in the back seat I turned to Dustin and said, "And so it begins." Now that we have a kid of our own, and a growing list of little friends around his age, I am sure we will be attending birthday after birthday, weekend after weekend. I remember these days when I was a kid, hoping from party to another. It was so fun for me but I doubt my parents always shared the same sentiment. 
All of the partying wore Boston out. As soon as he puts his thumb in his mouth and lays his head on me, I know he is tired and I can sneak in my cuddles.
I love it so much. It is one of my favorite things that he does.
 On the ride home he played with one of his new toys Nuby sent us and I think this little guy will go everywhere we go. It has tons of different textures, loops to play with, and a squeaker which is his favorite thing. The squeaky toys always get the biggest smiles. 
And I think it makes a pretty good cuddle bug too.
 Saturday Dustin and I went on a date and left Boston with Grandma. We went to a movie, which we hadn't done in forever, and it was such a good time. When we were first dating we went to movies or rented movies just about every weekend. It was one of our favorite things to do so it was nice to do that again. 

To top things off, on the way home we received a text from Grandma saying Boston was sound asleep and we should just let him stay the night. Wohoo!! Since we had some more time, and we knew we would get to sleep in a bit, we made a pit stop for some frozen yogurt. I know we are craaaazy these days. ;P
Sunday we had yet another birthday to celebrate. It must be birthday season or something.
 Boston and his cousins had fun playing with another new toy. And the restaurant we went to gave the kids a ball of pizza dough to play with so the girls made a nice statue for B. Look at those chubby baby hands! I could eat them up!
We spent the rest of the day in the backyard getting some much needed work done before Boston's first birthday next month. The weather was just way to nice to not be outside.

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My Shirt: Walmart (Similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 (Similar)
Because I'm Happy Shirt: Tribe Is Alive
Squeeze and Squeak: ℅ Nuby  (Walmart in Store)
Rattle Pal: ℅ Nuby (Walmart in Store)

Summer Ann

Friday, March 27, 2015

Boston's 11 Month Update

I can't believe my baby is 11 months and just a few weeks away from being considered a toddler. I think I say this every month but where in the world has the time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday when I got to hear his little heart beating for the first time and now he is all over the place, can pretty much feed himself, and is gaining so much personality and independence every single day. Sometimes me and D just sit back, watch him play and laugh. I don't think I have ever smiled more in my life. He is our world and we have really enjoyed watching him grow.

23.5lbs I feel like he is getting long and lean which kinda makes me sad. I love his baby chub and I feel like each day he looks more and more like a toddler.

He has a new tooth at the bottom so a total of 7 now! And he has been an emotional wreck the last couple of days so I have a feeling that number 8 isn't too far behind.

He says "Mama", "Dada", "Bye, Bye", "Wow", "Mmmmm" (not exactly a word but he says it when he wants your food ;P) and he has said "Light" a couple of times and we were all shocked both times. He has a fascination with lights lately and each time he points to one we say "Light!" so he must have picked it up from that.

Favorite Things:
He is still loving some of his past favs...
And a few new things…
- Puffs. So he has liked these for a while and for whatever reason I never put them on the list but these suckers are a life saver when I need a few minutes of him being occupied.
- Lights. Oh my goodness this guy is so funny. Any time was pass a light in the house he throws his head back and tries his hardest to reach it. Dustin swears that one day he will be an electrician.
- Foam Puzzle Floor. I SWORE I would never put these things in our house but just like so many things lately, I am eating my words. We have pretty much all hardwood in the downstairs and after a few falls, head bonks, and meltdowns we gave in and they have been a lifesaver. I also think it's easier on his knees when is crawls and he loves taking the letters out and using them as teethers too. It serves many purposes. ;D
- Straws. He loves drinking from my drinks but won't drink from a sippy cup so I have ordered a few of these cups with straws to see if he will use them instead.
- Dirty Shoes. Electric Outlets. Fireplaces. Candles. Basically anything else he shouldn't be getting into.

- Car rides. He used to be so good in the car but lately it has been a whole other story. I pretty much have to reach back and rub his cheek or hold his hand the whole time I drive but it is really sweet that he likes me comforting him so I normally don't mind it at all.... That is until my arm goes numb. But I feel this is another thing I will look back on and miss once he is too old to want to hold mama's hand in the car so for now I will deal with the numb arm and try and enjoy every minute.

- He is so mobile now. He has graduated from the army crawl to a regular crawl and boy is he quick! He has also learned how to use his walker toys and loves cruising around the house.
- He got his first official haircut a few days ago! We did have to bribe him with a sucker though but hey you do what you got to do, right!
Mid gator roll... ;P
And probably the most "real" photo of him at this stage... He is all over the place and all he wants to do is climb around on me or really anything around him. These pics get harder and harder each month and I honestly doubt I will do them if and when baby number 2 comes along. Ha!
Boston's Outfit: Carters

Summer Ann

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What We Wore Wednesday: eShakti

This Wednesday we are featuring eShakti! This retailer is unlike any shop I have ever ordered from and I am so glad I found them. Their site enables you to custom order your clothes just how you like them but at an extremely reasonable price. I had this shirt lengthened since I like my tops a little longer and if I had wanted I could have added sleeves to it, removed some of the embroidery, changed the neckline… you name it, they can customize it. 
Shirt: ℅ eShakti
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And as a special treat for the readers of my blog, eShakti is offering 10% off with the use of promo code SIMPLYSUMMER at checkout. Offer valid until 4/19/2015. Happy shopping, ladies!

Summer Ann

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our Week in Boston

Last week my work sent me to Boston and I was so pumped because it's one of the big cities that I have never been to. And because our little guy is named after the city I figured the boys needed to go with me on this one. 

I had mentioned how excited I was about our trip to my mother in-law one day and she begged me to let her watch the little guy. She loves watching him so after thinking about it for a few days (and after the realization that we would be there during St. Patty's day… Maybe a little crazy for a babe) we let her know we would love to take her up on her offer.

We had such a great time and the city lived up to every great thing we had heard about it. We ate tons of seafood and clam "chowda", drank plenty of beer, and witnessed the crazy winter (and first couple days of spring) they have been having. We also were able to tour the Sam Adam's Brewery and Fenway which was a total blast and definitely a must if you are planning to visit Boston. 

We have already agreed we need to go back and take B with us, but I think we have decided that maybe next time we should schedule a trip in June. We just aren't huge fans of the cold… And let me tell ya, Boston is a totally different type of cold. 

Summer Ann

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What We Wore Wednesday: Mint Julep

Welcome to our new series What We Wore Wednesday and for the first edition, I have partnered up with The Mint Julep Boutique. This adorable shop is one of the fastest growing online retailers right now which is no surprise because their stuff is so cute and their customer service is top notch. 

I picked out this taupe dress because I thought it would be so perfect for a date night this spring. It is so comfy, the back adds a flirty touch, and now I can't wait for some patio weather so I can put it to good use. Unfortunately some other ladies must have loved this dress too because it's already sold out but they have so many other pretty selections and they are super affordable too. And to top things off they decided to offer one lucky reader a shop credit so check out the details on my Instagram so you can Shop The Mint!
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Summer Ann

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

The weather around here has been so nasty and gloomy so we spent most of the weekend indoors but that was fine by me because that just means more one on one time with my guys. 

Boston has been all over the place lately which has been so much fun. Everyday his personality develops a little more and I always swear the current moment couldn't get any cuter but then somehow it does. Being a mom has been the absolute best thing to ever happen to me. 
This little face. I could kiss it all day if he would let me. But for know he would rather crawl all over me like I am his jungle gym… And I don't mind it even a little bit.
Saturday morning we laid around and played with dad. He was giving the boys a lesson on letters. They both received an A+. 
And later I tried to give Boston a lesson on how to use a sippy cup. He isn't a fan. He'd rather drink out of my straw or a bottle so I guess we will try again some other day.
Saturday night, we dropped Boston off at his grandma's and went out to celebrate this gorgeous girl's birthday.
 After a couple celebratory brewskis….
we headed to this cute little restaurant called Bin 303. The restaurant is located in an old home and ran by a husband and wife. The husband is the head chef, the wife takes care of the wine selections and man do they make one heckuva team. I had the shrimp and grits with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc that came highly recommended by our waiter. Both were delicious and I can't wait to go back.
We ended the weekend with another lazy Sunday which seems to be our routine lately but they are my favorite. Especially after a really busy week. 

P.S. If you want to read a little more about my infertility struggles you can check out my guest post over at Raising Southern Grace.

Summer Ann

Friday, March 13, 2015

Life Via The Camera Roll

So I have yet to do a photo dump to the blog and I think it's about time I do. I have been so crazy busy this week that blogging has taken a backseat and I needed to phone it in today… So here you go. Our life via the camera roll. First Edition. ;)
Snapping some pics of my sweetie in his new threads. :)
Hanging out in San Fran for work.
 Getting some much needed pics sent to me of my baby while I am away.
 Hanging out at my bestie's little guy's first birthday.
 Monkeying around.
 Trying a cupcake.
I don't think we will have any issues with a smash cake at his bday. He loved it!
And he enjoyed his first spaghetti dinner. At least someone appreciates my cooking.

Have a good weekend ladies!
Summer Ann