Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a cold, gloomy, icy, and then FINALLY a snowy week last week. I was so happy to be able to work from home since us Texans have absolutely no clue how to drive in icy conditions.

We were supposed to have snow in the middle of the week but it ended up just being sleet which was such a bummer. But thankfully Friday afternoon it really started coming down and we were able to celebrate Boston's First Snow Day! I will post some pics later this week. We had a blast but it didn't last real long because we are so accustomed to the warmer temps that we had red noses and were freezing our butts off after only a few minutes. 
Friday evening we braved the slick roads and met Dustin's CEO and his wife for a fancy dinner date. We go to dinner with them every year and I always look forward to it. They are such a great, Godly couple and I really enjoy our conversations. I don't have any pics from the night though because Dustin loathes picture taking. And I wanted to have a good evening so I didn't even mention it. ;P

Dustin's mom offered to keep Boston for the night so when we left dinner we thought it would be fun to go hang out at a bar somewhere since we don't really get to do that anymore. We checked out 2 of our favorite places and both were closed due to the weather so we stopped at the grocery store, picked up a bottle of wine and some firewood, and had a fun night in watching some trashy late night TV. We ended up stumbling across a dating  game-show called "Baggage" and the things these people reveal about themselves is unreal. But hilarious... especially after a couple glasses of wine.

The next day we spent the afternoon at Dustin's mom's house surprising his grandma with a 90th birthday party. She is so loved. Especially by Boston who decided to grab her by her shirt, pull her close, and give her the biggest open mouth kiss. He has never done that before and I swear she is his favorite person. No one can get a guaranteed smile like she can.
 They did such a cute job with the decorations.
And the cake was as just as awesome as it looked.
That night, B was so exhausted from missing his naps that he passed out on me after his bottle. He very rarely does this anymore, and it is my absolute favorite part about being a mom, so I soaked it all in.
Sunday was all about staying warm and cozy. We played with toys, read books, napped (it was heavenly), played some more, and slept some more. My ideal Sunday... I am such a homebody when my schedule allows me to be.
 And that's a wrap so happy Monday ladies! I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Summer Ann


  1. The last picture of the two of you is so sweet! And don't worry, nobody in Indiana knows how to drive on ice either. It's not just those of you down south. Happy Monday!

    Our Little Miracles

    1. I am glad to know we are not alone. :D We have a hard time driving in the rain, much less snow!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. I can completely understand a husband who is not a fan of picture taking. Mine HATES them and despises selfies. Occasionally he let's me snap one, but not often.

    1. Haha! It must be a guy thing. For now I guess I will just continue to look like a single mom on the internets. ;P