Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our Crew At The Zoo

I took Boston to the aquarium when he was a few months old and he slept the whole way through. I had a blast though. So ever since, I couldn't wait for him to become a little more alert and aware so we could take him to the zoo to see how he would react.

So on his actual birthday we packed up the car, picked up the grandparents, and drove to the zoo to celebrate with just the family. The weather was absolutely perfect which was such a blessing because it has been a gloomy mess pretty much this whole month. 

When we walked into the park we were stopped by a group of girls who were doing face painting as a part of their community service for a pageant. We were a little hesitant since we had no clue how B would react to it all. But surprisingly he sat almost completely still and stared at her while she painted his face. It was the sweetest thing and we all swear he has a thing for cute brunettes. ;P
He loves playing the drums on dad's head.
I could have eaten him up with those sweet little whiskers and nose. 
That look… Oh. My. Goodness. 
And is there anything hotter than seeing your husband as a father? Nope. Nope. Nope. 
We had such a good time until a mini meltdown towards the end. But we had seen almost everything so we went back to the car and headed home.
He passed out shortly after and my phone may or may not be filled with photos of him sleeping in his face paint. :D
Summer Ann


  1. Seriously, so sweet!! His face paint is too much! We love our zoo, and make weekly trips. Have a fabulous weekend.

    Our Little Miracles

    1. Thank you!! I am thinking once he is older we might need a membership. We had so much fun!