Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Playtime with Nuby

I was so excited when I got a message from Nuby inviting us to be a part of their Parent Blogger Program. We have been such a fan of their products (a few of them have even made Boston's monthly favorites) so we couldn't wait to try out some new products to review.

When they asked which products I wanted to test out, I requested that they send a few small toys since we are always on the go and in need of temporary distractions for Boston. All 3 of these toys are extremely portable, and fit easily into my diaper bag, which is such a selling point for me because space in that thing is such a hot commodity.

Nuby Bath Book
A friend of mine had one of these at her house and Boston wouldn't put it down so I knew he had to have one. Even though it's made for the bath, we take it everywhere because he loves the texture, can't rip the pages,  it squeaks and he can chew on it without a mouth full of soggy paper. The bright colors are very eye catching and since it is waterproof I have a feeling this thing will be making its way with us to the pool and the lake this summer.

Nuby Rattle Teether
Boston has been a teething mess ever since he was about 6 months and we have been such a fan of the other Nuby teethers (especially the Ice Gel Teether Keys). Boston loves this little guy because he rattles, has tons of bright colors to catch his attention, and different textures to soothe his gums. I love it because it hardly takes up any room in the diaper bag, is BPA free, and can hook onto his carseat or highchair cover with one of those handy ring links.

Nuby Squeeze n' Squeak
The third toy that has made it into Boston's heart (and my bag) is the Squeeze n' Squeak plush toy. Boston is so comforted by soft fabrics so anytime I put him down for a nap I cover him up with a minky blanket. He will cry and cry until I cover him up but as soon as I do, he will put his thumb in his mouth and settle down. It is the sweetest thing. When we handed him this toy for the first time he got the biggest smile on his face and immediately put his thumb in his mouth (you can see his reaction HERE). I think my heart did a bagillion somersaults. He also loves it because it it squeaks which can almost always get a giggle out of him and the loops make it so easy for him to hold or easy to connect to a carseat. I am such a germaphobe when it comes to his toys so I love that I can keep them from hitting the ground.
Bath Book - ℅ Nuby (Meijer in Store
Rattle Teether - ℅ Nuby  (Walmart)
Squeeze n' Squeak - ℅ Nuby (Walmart in Store)

Summer Ann


  1. I did not know they had toys! And I love the pictures of little man!

    1. They do!! And Boston loves them. Thank you!

  2. Ah so fun! We always loved the bath books when our girls were little. He sure is a cutie.

    1. Thanks so much girl! We love them too.