Thursday, April 9, 2015

You Know You're A Mom When....

We are coming up on a year spent with Boston so I was going through my phone last night, reminiscing about those early baby days, and I stumbled across this note I had made those first few weeks and I had to share.
You know you're a mom when...
Your prayers include "Please, God, let him sleep good tonight".

You think the person who came up with the phrase "Don't cry over spilled milk" obviously never spent 30 min hooked up to a breast pump.

You consider the day a success if the house is still standing and you have kept your little human alive another day.

When almost every photo on your phone is of your sleeping baby. I mean you have to document the moment because who knew babies don't actually "sleep like babies".

You count down the days until your next girls night like you use to countdown the days until vacation.

Burps, farts, poops and pees are something you look forward to.

You prioritize your bath/shower based on the areas that need the most attention just in case you're interrupted.

You choose your outfit based on how easily accessible your boobs are.

You're so sleepy you do things like put your sunglasses in the fridge (yep, that happened).

Your heart feels so full that you think it might actually explode.

Summer Ann


  1. All these are right on point! haha I wouldn't change motherhood for anything! Love it! Your son is adorable! (:

    1. Thank you so much! I wouldn't change a thing either. I really am not sure there is any greater blessing.

  2. Loved the last few!!! So glad to see frequent posts!

  3. Best blog post ever! #mamalife

  4. 100% all true. How are we going to have one year olds this month?

    1. Right?!? How did that happen so fast?

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! It has been one of my favorites.