Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Boston's 12 Month Update

Well I am a little behind on this one but better late than never, right? Our days have been jam packed this month with birthday party prep, work travel out the wazoo, and everyday life that it has been so hard for me to fit anything else in. Either way there aren't any signs things will be slowing down so here's our first toddler update....

Our big boy is almost 24lbs. He is in the 85th percentile for height and weight. And that big noggin he got from his mama is still in the 99%. He's got some big brains. ;D

He has 12 teeth! 4 molars and 8 up front. Which seems great and all but heaven forbid you see him get something in that mouth before you can stop him, leaving you to try and fish it out. I have almost lost a few fingers because of it. Which also makes me pretty happy I'm not breastfeeding anymore. Ouch!

His list of words keeps growing and cracking us up. New words this month are "Baby", "Ball", "Nana"(Banana), "Daddeee" (with a huge emphasis on the last syllable. It's adorable.), "Cracker" which really sounds more like "Ka-Ka", and our favorite "Uh-Oh" which is usually said when you tell him not to throw something and he does it anyways. The fun is just beginning I'm sure.

Favorite Things:
- Lights are still rocking his world right now. My parent's joked that we should take him to a lighting store for fun and I actually didn't think that was a half bad idea. We will soak up all of the cheap entertainment we can, while we can.
- Bananas. We have been having a hard time getting him to drink his bottle at night which means he wakes up at 3am wanting a bottle. Not fun. So if we can't get him to eat before bed, we give him a banana and he will scarf it down. But you've gotta be careful about saying "Banana" unless you're getting one for him because if you mention it, he won't stop saying it until you get him one.
-Soccer Balls. Dad is loving this one. He was the captain of the soccer team in high school so he has already been teaching B some moves which Boston eats up too. The other day we were walking into Target and he pointed at the big red cement balls in the front and goes "Ball. Ball. Ball." until I acknowledged what he was saying. Man they grow so fast.

- Brushing his teeth is a total nightmare. It stinks that we have to end each day on a semi-sour note but I don't know what else to do. He absolutely hates it.

- He took his first steps this month!! We still don't have a complete walker but he is right there. He is still a little on the wobbly side but I can see he is close.
12 month baby update12 month baby update12 month baby update
12 month baby growth update
12 month baby growth update
Year old baby growth update
And B says, "That's a wrap!"

Shirt: Amber2Ashes
Jeans (Old:Similar): H&M
Shoes: Converse

Summer Ann


  1. He looks like such a big boy in the picture against the garage!! You will love that you are keeping these memories.

    1. Doesn't he?! Gosh he is growing up so fast. I plan on making a photo book out of these updates for him later. :)

  2. Love these adorable pictures! Our shirt looks so cute on him!!! I mean he definitely makes it cuter ;)

    1. Thank you!! And we love our shirt!!

  3. At least you are trying to brush his teeth! I'm a dental hygienist and most parents don't even try. I was hoping my child would be different but he hates it too. :(

    1. Oh no! I feel so guilty if I forget… But I have talked to plenty of my friends who say their kids hate it so I don't feel so alone in the struggle.

  4. He is SO cute! My little man has 6 teeth coming in right now and I say it's for the birds. Not fun at all!

    1. Thank you girl!!

      That is no fun! We just had 4 molars come through right before his first bday and that wasn't fun so I feel your pain.

  5. Happy 1st Birthday! Really cute post and lovely photos :)