Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Of course because it was the one day I was guaranteed to be able to sleep in, I woke up around 6am and couldn't go back to sleep. So D got up and whipped up some waffles for me while I stayed in bed. Boston must have got the memo it was Mother's Day and slept until almost 10am making that 2 days in a row he has done this! This meant I had plenty of time to sneak in some Netflix in the bath with my second cup of coffee. Perfection I tell ya.

 D said once Boston got up we could do anything I wanted to do… It was my day. So naturally I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to do. Instead we went to Kroger, picked up some crab legs, ice cream, coconut cream pie, and my favorite cheese. I swear I'm not pregnant. 
Once we got home and put B to down for a nap we chowed down and made up our own drinking game with Jenn Barlow's travel show on AWE. I think we may be the only people who watch this channel but if any of y'all get bored and happen to have it it's a really easy game. Here's how it goes… Any time she says, "Oh yes!", drink. I was feeling a little buzz in no time. ;P 

The rest of the day we laid around with Boston and played with a balloon he bought me himself at the store.  Since I have been traveling for work so much, I couldn't wait for a whole day with nothing to do but love on my guys. It was a perfect day. No fancy plans, just quality time. Just how I like it! Happy Mama's Day to all of you special ladies out there!
Summer Ann


  1. Sounds like the absolute perfect day to me... besides not being able to sleep in. Why does that always happen?!

    1. It was!! And I wish it didn't always work out like that either. :P