Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag

Everything you need to know about packing your diaper bag like a pro. Know what to pack, what to leave at home, and how to save space.
Okay, so the actual diaper bag a girl chooses is a pretty personal selection. Dustin just about died when I told him that I had been eying this gorgeous designer diaper bag and really thought I deserved it for all of the aches, pains, nausea, and heartburn I had gone through. When I pulled up that beauty online, I remember him saying something like "You are really going to spend that kind of money on something you literally put sh!t in??" Fair enough. But I explained to him that it would basically be my purse for the next few years so I really wanted to like it. Eventually he caved. But he still can't believe I actually put dirty diapers in that thing. ;P

 I know some of you probably think I am a completely ridiculous and I won't even deny that sometimes I am... But if I had to give advice on what to look for in a bag, I would say find one you love and make sure it has lots and lots of pockets! I am a freak about organization so I love how my bag has a place for just about everything. It makes finding what you need so much easier which is so important since most of the time you are working with only one free hand. 

Okay now on to the contents...
OK so not only do I carry around the regular wipes for diaper changes, I also bring along ones for boogies and ones for toys that get hurled onto the floor. This may be a total "first time mom" thing to do but for now everything pretty much gets wiped. 
I fell in love with these cute little bags the first time I walked into a baby store. We use them in the travel size to hold a spare set of clothes for B in case of a "blowout". And should one occur, the messy clothes can go right in the bag to keep the mess contained.
 I love this brand not only for myself, but for B too since it's alcohol free. Now that he is all over the place, and wanting to grab everything, sanitizer is a must.
I mentioned a few of mine and B's favorites in a post a few months back and they still hold true. Our favorites are the ones that work with these ring links so they can be clipped to the highchair or shopping cart. Otherwise we are picking up toys all.the.time.
Things were really easy when I was nursing and didn't even have to worry about a bottle. But things got a little trickier when my milk dried up and we had to use formula. Thankfully a friend brought over some of those single serve formula packets which made packing for outings so much nicer.  Now that Boston is old enough to eat real food, things are even easier. All we normally pack now are his favorite puffs (for bribing ;P) and a banana or pouch in case we get trapped somewhere without snacks. Otherwise he eats what we eat and loves drinking out of a regular straw.
The surest way to get B to take a nap is to hand him something soft to snuggle up to. So of course we take a soft blanket just about everywhere we go.We love how light weight these are and they take up way less space than some of the thicker ones.
Don't throw those babies away!! One of the best things I did was make a little emergency kit from the samples we got while registering. All I did was get a little bag and packed it with mini diaper rash cream, nipple cream, nursing pads, lotion... really any tester that I received was placed in the bag for emergencies and it takes up way less space than lugging around a full size version.
- If your child uses a paci don't forget that puppy! B is a thumb sucker now but in the beginning we never left home without a paci.
- Baby carrier/sling. We use this one.
- Shopping cart cover. Our favorite here.
- Nursing cover. I loved this brand.
- Medicines. Tylenol, Motrin, Gas Drops, Teething Tablets.
- Food and snacks for you!

Summer Ann

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