Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year, ladies! 2015 was a great year, full of so many great memories and so many new beginnings. One of those was a new venture that I started with one of my greatest friends since middle school. We have put together a collection of the most on-trend teething necklaces on the market and I know you moms will love what we have designed!

After little Boston tried going to town on some not so baby friendly necklaces, we decided that the teething and nursing jewelry industry needed a little umph and some updating. So alas our baby, à la mum was born. 

But our new business isn't just about jewelry! We have also setup a blog where were will discuss all things helpful for mom. It will feature everything from mom friendly hair tutorials, easy recipes to share with your babes, style ideas that are practical and functional, and much more! So head on over and follow me at my new blog location,

And to give you all a little taste of our teething necklaces, here are a few designs that have been a huge hit so far!

Summer Ann